Monthly Archives: June 2007

People Do Change

One popular saying that’s always struck me as particularly stupid and harmful is, “People don’t change.” Although everyone has ingrained personality traits, we aren’t held captive by them. Believing that we can’t change encourages us to accept our weaknesses. How … Continue reading

An Analytical Approach to Self Improvement

Readers who’ve been following PickTheBrain for the past few months may have noticed my inability to pick a tagline and stick with it. Each one I chose felt wrong after a couple weeks because the purpose of the site continued … Continue reading

Here’s a Tip: Start Thinking for Yourself

The problem with tips is that they’re too delicious. People become obsessed with prepackaged information nuggets and stop thinking for themselves. Continue reading

HowTo: Attract an Audience by Writing with Style

How then, can a beginning writer break through the wall of anonymity and attract a large audience? The answer is style. Writing is an art form, and although it can’t be taught, it can be learned. Understanding the principals of this article will help you channel your inner author and attract a devoted following. Continue reading

30 Days of the Slow Carb Diet: Results and Conclusions

In one month on the slow carb diet I’ve lost just under 10 pounds. Not bad, considering I only worked out for 1-2 hours per week. Continue reading