Monthly Archives: January 2007

Case Study: How a Headline Made the Difference Between 100 and 5000 Visits

Learn how writing a more provocative headline lead to an enormous increase in social media traffic. Continue reading

Why Unmaterialistic People Should Want to Get Rich

An article about why everyone should want money, even people who aren’t greedy, because money equals freedom. Continue reading

Learn to Understand Your Own Intelligence

A post explaining the difference between cognition (what you know) and metacognition (what you know you know) and how they affect human intelligence. Continue reading

Commit Yourself to Action by Investing in Success

Getting motivated is a challenge, and it often takes more than good intentions to really get going. Continue reading

How to Be Happy At Work – An Interview

Work occupies an enormous amount of our lives. To be happy, we need to be happy at work. But unless you fall into the job of your dreams, this can be a challenge. It’s hard to make sitting at a … Continue reading

Focus Better by Listening to Music

An article about how music can improve focus and concentration. Continue reading