17 Free Websites to Upgrade the Quality of Your Life Today

In the past decade, there has been a rise of amazing (and free) websites that can dramatically improve the quality of our lives.

Not all of these websites are equal however. The best always rise to the top, and we don’t want to waste your time with websites that won’t deliver maximum results. From improving your health, learning how to speak Spanish, to saving you more time, we’ve curated the top 17 free websites that will enhance your quality of life.

Here they are…


What you’ll get: Protection from harmful blue light from computer screens

Research shows that the average person spends nearly 10.5 hours a day in front of their digital screens. The problem is, blue light is emitted from our screens which suppress our sleep quality, increase headaches and eye strains. In short, iGOTHAM’s computer glasses are meant to act as healthy technology to help you sleep better, increase focus, and rid headaches & dry eyes.


2. Appear.in

What you’ll get: Instant, high quality video meetings

Skype is amazing, but it can get trickier when you have more than one person you’re chatting with. Appear.in helps you create instant virtual rooms for group meetings and more. It’s fast, efficient, and easy.

3. Rype

What you’ll get: Start speaking a new foreign language in seconds

Rype was created to redefine what it’s like to learn Spanish, French, German, and more. Compared to a language school, Rype offers private language lessons for 1/10th of the cost, with fully-vetted professional tutors that are available 24/7. It comes with a full 7-day free trial to check it out for yourself.


4. Calm

What you’ll get: Peaceful mind through meditation

Calm offers peace of mind on demand. The meditation app now includes breathing exercises, and sleeping stories to help you maintain the best quality of mind possible.

5. Evernote

What you’ll get: Organization of thoughts and projects

Keeping track of everything you’re working on takes a lot of mental space. Evernote keeps everything organized in one place. You can take notes, save articles, and share them with whoever you want.

6. CreativeLIVE

What you’ll get: Free education

CreativeLIVE offers free educational classes from premium teachers around topics ranging from photography, business & money, design, and more.

7. Investopedia

What you’ll get: Better understanding of finances

Investopedia is the leading community for learning everything you need to know about finance. They have free tools (that allow you to invest $100,000 of simulated money), dictionary, articles, tutorials, and much more.

8. X.ai

What you’ll get: Personal assistant for scheduling

They say that artificial intelligence is around the corner, but it seems to be already making way. With X.ai, you get a free personal assistant named Amy, who will help you coordinate all of your scheduling according to your preferences via email. All you have to do is cc her, and voila!

9. Coach.me

What you’ll get: Community and accountability for goal setting

Sometimes all we need to achieve our important goals is a community that keeps us accountable. With Coach.me, you get that and more. Their free app offers reminders to help you stay up-to-date with your habits, communities that you can interact with, and even offer coaching for those who need it.

10. Spritz

What you’ll get: Enhance your reading speed by 2x

Spritz was created to help us read faster. The technology scours through whatever you’re trying to read, and displays it for you word by word based on how fast you want to read it — i.e. 500 wpm, 400 wpm, etc.

11. Pexels

What you’ll get: Free stock photos to use in any way you want

Free, high quality stock photography is on the rise. What pexels offers is an accumulation of all the best stock photography websites in one place. Think Google for free stock quality photos.

12. StickK

What you’ll get: Accountability to meet your important goals

If you’re not exactly the type of person who’s shown a track record of hitting your goals, StickK can help. How? By putting your money where your mouth is. You set your own stakes if you don’t hit your goal, you’ll never see that money again. Talk about pressure.

13. Momentum

What you’ll get: Beautiful wallpaper to look at everyday

Momentum is a simple, free browser extension that displays beautiful photos whenever you open a new tab. What you see often can affect how you think and feel, and this is a easy-to-implement hack to improve your life.

14. Freedom

What you’ll get: Removal from internet distractions

Freedom blocks distractions from the web (literally) by preventing you from going online for a period of time.

15. Bodybuilding.com

What you’ll get: Advice on getting fit and healthy

Bodybuilding.com is the go-to place for learning about nutrition, training, and fitness programs to get into the best shape of your life.

16. ProductHunt

What you’ll get: Curated list of the best, new products online

If you enjoyed this post, and discovering new products, then you’ll love ProductHunt. Everyday, there’s a new curated list of products, books, podcasts, games, and more that you can discover online.

17. Memrise

What you’ll get: Tool to memorize new things

Memrise helps you memorize new words in the easiest way possible. It’s perfect for anyone learning a foreign language, studying for an exam, and more.


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