11 Thoughts To Unlock Your Creativity

“The human mind can hold two completely opposing ideas at the same time.”  Thank you Liz Gilbert for enlightening us with this concept.  How many times have we all struggled with a contradiction in our own heads?  I am creative but I also enjoy being analytical? I’m a jokester but I have a really serious side that I want to be acknowledged once in a while?  We have ALL had contradictory thoughts occasionally that lead us to think, “Am I an imposter?” Of course not!

We can have both contradictory thoughts simultaneously. The paradox is being comfortable with both thoughts. Something else that might give you pause: If you are comfortable with both thoughts, the fear won’t sneak in.  How is that?

Fear and creativity go hand-in-hand. But once we acknowledge that there are contradictory thoughts in our heads we need to explore them. Allow yourself to NOT be a perfectionist and have all the answers. Simply explore.  This is the sacred space called curiosity.  Be playful and trust the universe will take you where you need to go.  The fear won’t have space to survive if you allow the curiosity to bloom and develop. But what happens if the fear is so debilitating that you can’t even start?creativity will always provoke fear

The fear doesn’t have any perspective. So little fears (a bug) can seem just as imposing as big fears (death). It makes the stakes really high and so you need your higher consciousness to work through the fear. Fear and creativity will always be linked. Think about that and sit with it a minute. Ms. Gilbert recommends the following: personify your fear and curiosity (both). Then write yourself a letter to bring the personification of each to life, pleading to you with what they (curiosity and fear) want. Then respond respectfully with your plan to move forward. Your fears are alive within you so handle with kindness and care. This is your path forward. Aren’t we always better at giving others advice?  See through the apparent reality and listen to your own good advice.

“Put it out there, see what happens.”  Ms. Gilbert talks about being the trickster and that playful spirit is what allows her to be an International Best Seller and continues to inspire audiences worldwide. In her new book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, she explores the truth that creativity does not belong exclusively to professional artists and geniuses; it is the birthright of every single human being. Creativity is our common heritage. You simply have to move past your current self-limiting beliefs and know that you too can do something magical.

Some think creativity is not productive. Creativity might have been shut down in them when they were young. If you’re denied to use your creativity, you might be judgmental towards others who share their creativity. 85% of people can recall an event in school that was so shaming it “changed their lives.” Half of those people experienced shame wound around creativity (Brene Brown study). When you’re taking on creativity, you’re taking on soul work.  We’re all terrified of putting ourselves out there and of being mocked. But nothing can truly touch you or have power over you if you are living your authentic truth. A-HA!

Don’t wait for the universe or someone to knock on your day and ask you to speak your mind. There is empowerment in taking action and then stepping back and looking at your own creation.  If you don’t feel you‘re ready, then you most definitely ARE ready. Take that leap of faith. As you’re jumping and thinking you’re not ready….you feel the fear. Walk through the fear. Because when you take the leap and finally do it, it is so very gratifying. The constant choice of curiosity over fear. Just do it.

Stop striving for perfectionism. It is not attainable and is the absolute worst destroyer of curiosity and creativity. Create without being perfect. Let yourself be curious and explore new ideas. The clues may uncover your great passion, or it may not. Perfectionism can suck the life out of you. It can prevent you from even starting. Does this sound like you? Are you excluding yourself from the mystery and joy of creating? Enjoy the process and release the outcome.

After all, there are no new ideas. As humans we recycle the same ideas and thoughts. It is okay. It is new to us and it will feel original and it will feel new. That is the process of creation. Think to yourself your new mantra, “I am a product of creation and therefore I have a right to create.”  Being inquisitive can be the most inspiring way to live a fully present life. Say yes to universal collaboration.

Creativity is the way you share your soul with the world.  Your spiritual practice and creative practice are the way that you interact with every single person and even yourself. And without access to other people’s creativity, we are not okay as humans. It’s the only unique contribution we will make in this world, will be born of creativity. There are no such thing as non-creative people. There are just people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity is not benign. Bring forth what is within you. You are a born maker and we need what you bring to us because you’re the only one who can bring it.

“The point is to do something you have never done before.” So go out and wow yourself. You are amazing.


Therese Patterson is a Culinary Explorer, Certified Nutrition Coach, Entrepreneurial Maven and Enthusiastic Lover of Life. Therese wants everyone to experience all the joys of a Healthy, Balanced and Abundant life-connect with Therese on her website and blog where she teaches people simple ways to create vibrant and abundant health and live their best life possible. Grab her free guide: 5 Simple Things To Get Healthy & Fit Guide



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