This Single Habit Will Put You In The Top 10{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c}

What if you could become a top performer with ONE habit while halving how much you work every week?

This one strategy can change everything.

I used to think you had to luck out and have incredible talent. I still meet people every day who tell me they believe this.

But once I learned that doing this instead could make me more successful, I got really excited.

Before I get to what it is, check out what I found in my research:

A study in Outliers tracked people with the highest IQ in the world from birth until adulthood.

At first, they were doing wonderfully. But once they got older, their success was no different than a random control group. Some were garbage collectors or worse!
What’s the message?

That most people think IQ, an unchangeable measure of skill, is the key to success. And i t isn’t.

Half of adults use this belief as a crutch so they can have an excuse to not improve their lives. They prefer laziness and will turn away to facts. Don’t be like this.

So what’s the key?


Having studied numerous billionaires, I have found that self-discipline and willpower are the key to success.

I recently read a book called 15 Productivity Secrets, which interviews numerous billionaires. One of them said that he had met a ton of people smarter than him, but unable to do what they had committed to do. That’s why they were less successful.

The magic formula is to be disciplined to do the things no one wants to do.

Billionaire John Paul DeJoria said

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”

Work on improving your willpower and discipline by doing a small thing that will impact your future for the better every day.

But you can do even better.

What if you chose something that had the biggest impact on your life? How about 1 extra book that taught you about business or money? What about 10 extra minutes at the gym?

According to studies:

Willpower is like a muscle. You can exhaust it in a day, which leaves you vulnerable to poor decisions and temptations. Don’t over-exert your willpower but spend some time using it properly to train it.

What have we learned so far?

  • Successful people aren’t there just because they were born with a “gift.” Many weren’t. This is an old-fashioned myth.
  • The key to success  is willpower. Work on strengthening and improving it. Everyone can do this. Most people don’t.
  • People use false beliefs as an excuse or crutch to remain lazy.

Will Smith said in an interview that he didn’t have any extra talent, sex appeal, fitness, intelligence, or anything else. He simply had the work ethic to do what was necessary.

Simple, right?

You say: “Great idea. But…I have no time to do something extra once a day I don’t want to! I’m already exhausted!”


“Not enough time.”

Most people who say this are wasting hours of time every day. I can easily catch them watching a TV show they don’t have to or spending extra time chatting with friends.

Those extra minutes add up.

Try this. Have something that you want so bad that the fear and pain are pushed aside because of the dream.

Dream big.

Log every activity for the day. I did this and I found that my most blatant waste of time were the 4 to 5 hours after 5pm everyday. For example:

Dinner – (5pm) – 30 minutes

Watching Youtube videos — 1 hour
Browsing the web — 1 hour
Using social media – 1 hour
Playing video games (or game apps) — 1 hour
Wasting time chatting at the gym when I should be working out — 30 minutes
Those are exaggerated estimates but you get the point. On a typical weekday, we have hours of time we waste.

You’ll be surprised to discover that you probably have 3-6 hours of things you could easily do less of. AND EVEN MORE ON A WEEKEND!

Imagine your dream life 3 years from now. Figure out what activities won’t get you there. Figure out which will.

Smalltalk conversation won’t get you there. Watching Youtube won’t get you there.

But doing the right task will.

Maybe for you, that’s exercising more.

Maybe it’s spending more time marketing your business.

Now that you know that X is more valuable  than Y, start right this instant.

  1. Choose 1 task
  2. Spend 10 extra minutes on it a day
  3. Start small so you don’t burn out (like I have)
  4. Work your way up to effectively using the hours you waste
  5. Find a way to make it fun so you don’t burn out

Get started right away. And I’ll see you at the top.

Keep up the heat!

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