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8 Simple Things You Should Stop Taking For Granted

8 Simple Things You Need To Stop Taking For Granted

One day here. The next day gone.

Here are 9 simple things we need to stop taking for granted: r

The 5 Keys To Setting Goals Like A Champ

The 5 Keys To Setting Goals Like A Champ

We all have goals that we want to achieve in life. A good goal should really ignite a strong desire within you and motivate you to take action. r

online business resources

5 Great Online Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

Though I’m no veteran in the world of entrepreneurship yet, there are resources you absolutely must check out if you’re dying to make the jump. r

use procrastination for productivity

How To Use Procrastination To Become More Productive

Are you going to read this later? It’s ok, I have nothing against distractions or procrastination. Neither do our brains. r

5 Ways You Can Stay Focused on Your Big Goal(s)

5 Ways You Can Stay Focused On Your Big Goal(s)

Here are tips on how you can stay focused on your goal and keep yourself from making excuses at neglecting, procrastinating, and eventually failing at achieving your goals. r

how to develop a positive attitude

5 Ways To Build A Positive Attitude to Learning

Intellectually you agree – learning new stuff is the most reasonable thing to do, no doubt about it. But… on the emotional level you are struggling r