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Fighting an afternoon slump to keep up with busy work schedule

5 Ways to Beat an Afternoon Slump in the Winter

6 Ways to Beat an Afternoon Slump in the Winter r

Buddha Quotes

Top 31 Buddha Quotes To Enlighten Your Mind and Soul

To enlighten your mind and soul, you must follow these 30 Buddha Quotes. They are going to change your thoughts and will help you in living a peaceful life r

3 Ways To Get What You Want In The New Year

3 Ways to Get What You Want in the New Year

Whatever you do this year, make sure you use these 3 tips below. Here are 3 ways to get what you WANT in the New Year: r

successful people

8 Things Successful People Do Differently than YOU

Successful people are those who actually use their cognitive abilities and emotions so that they can obtain long-term and sustainable success in their lives. In this concern, there are so many little things that make large impacts and contributions towards the journey of success. r

risk taker

7 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Risk Taker

Most of the stuff you try—most of the risks you take—will not work. And that’s okay. Because what doesn’t work today, will lead you towards what works insanely well tomorrow. r

12 After-Work Activities To Prevent Burnout

12 After-Work Activities To Prevent Burnout

You’re at your most productive when you are healthy and feel happy. So fight off work burnout with these 12 easy tips. r