How To Use Failure To Your Advantage

I know that feeling, I have been there multiple times.

It is a lonely feeling. Where once life was amazing, it came back, crushed you, and beat you down to your last breath.

Your last breath, the only thing holding you down from falling from that deadly mountain of emotions.

You’re asking yourself..

Why is life so unfair?

I just want to take care of my loved ones; I don’t want to hurt anybody!

It might be after failing a crucial exam, after your lovely partner suddenly changed and betrayed you, after loosing a relative, your job, or it might even be because of your numerous failures.

It doesn’t matter…

We all have different circumstances, but the feeling is the same. Your heat starts boiling, and your brain freezes you from action. Your blood flows through your veins as a devastating hurricane.

And you can’t stop a hurricane. In fact, nobody can. Thus, you feel helpless, and that last breath is the only thing holding you from drowning in that violent liquid windstorm.

But despite all that drama, there is hope!

You can either let yourself getting drown in the hurricane, or decide to take control of it.

In fact, that’s impossible, nobody can control a hurricane. You are only a tiny drop of water compared to it.

But you know what?

This is the good news!

Because a drop of water, merged with a hurricane, doesn’t think of itself as a mere drop of water, it thinks and acts as a hurricane.

That’s right, you become the hurricane.  And the bigger your struggle, the bigger is the hurricane.

The bigger the hurricane, the stronger you become.

Only YOU can decide!

Will you let your situation crush you, and let yourself get drown in the water?

I fully understood that theory the day I read about Joseph. He had a huge impact in my life. Yet, he is long gone and will never know it.

Every time I am facing a struggle, I think about him, and crush it!

Here’s the story of Joseph:

How To Take Charge of Your Failures

Joseph knew the secret!

He lived in the Ancient Egypt Era and had eleven brothers. They were all jealous of him, because he was their father’s favorite son.

One day, they decided to do something about the situation. They made a strategic plan and sold him to slavery.

Imagine that for a moment, his OWN brothers sold him to slavery. That would be enough to destroy 99.9{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of us. But Joseph didn’t cry about his situation. He was a strong man and wouldn’t let anything crushing him.

He said to himself; if I am going to be slave, I‘ll be the best slave ever!

He was so dedicated and good at it; he got promoted to work at Potiphar household. Potiphar was one of the most important Pharaoh’s officials.

However, he had one problem, he was a very good-looking young man. Potiphar’s wife noticed that and tried getting intimate with him. Joseph had strong principles, and declined her advances. Thus, she told lies about him to her husband.

He ended up being thrown in jail.

Here he was, living to the best values and principles, and ends up being thrown in jail because of it. But again, Joseph was a strong man, he didn’t cry about his situation.

He said; if I am going to be in jail, I am going to be the best prisoner there is!

He ended up with a responsible position in the prison. That position granted him with the opportunity to tell stories and to unleash his personality. He fascinated everyone. Nobody could be indifferent to Joseph as he started interpreting dreams and sharing his wisdom.

Years passed by and that determination brought him to be the prime minister of Egypt, which was the leading nation in the world at that time.

Did you follow through? He went from being sold to slavery by his brothers to later becoming the prime minister of the leading nation!

A Crucial Thing To Understand

The moral of the story is simple; whether you are being good or bad, you are NOT going to be protected from all bad things. But it really doesn’t matter, take that situation, and make SOMETHING out of it!

Nothing good will come out of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. With this new vision in mind, you will become powerful beyond belief.

Remember, you have the option to be part of the hurricane, and nothing can stop Mother Nature.

What Now?

Failure is a part of life, and it can either build you, or destroy you. It is your choice!

I want to share a little theory about Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor.  It took him 10 000 failures before finally getting the light bulb to work properly.

People asked him; Mister Edison, how were you able to keep going on your adventure after failing 10 000 times?

He had a powerful answer. So powerful, that it is glued on my room wall.

He said;

“I didn’t fail 10 000 times, it took me 10 000 steps to get there!”

Finally, make the right choice, and don’t let anything putting you down.

You are way stronger than you think, and remember, it is a choice to be strong, not a precondition.

And the harder your situation is, the stronger you have the chance to become!

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