Triumph Beyond Bounds: 8 Effective Ways To Pick Yourself Up And Take Charge Of Your Life

Quite a lot of people have, at one time or another, found themselves at the last rung of the ladder.

If you do a random sampling, you will find out that a lot of people have passed through this stage of life.

While some decided to resign to fate, others felt they must put in a fight to effect a change in their fortunes.

The fact is that we can fall at any point in our life but what makes the difference and what determines the type of stuff you are made of is whether or not you are able to pick yourself up, dust your butt, and tell yourself “I’m going to give it a resounding whack.”

If for any reason you are struggling to pick yourself up and take charge of your life, the following 8 effective ways come in handy as the magic wand you have been waiting for.

1. Avoid detractors

As someone striving to stand back on their feet, this is the very first thing you should do.

Detractors are the people who originally wanted you to be in that situation. They are a total bunch of no-gooders

They prefer to have you laze about with them. They practically have no goal in life and you will only end up being miserable in their midst.

2. People already walked the path, Pick a role model

Now that you have decided to take charge, it will make a very big step in the right direction if you have a role model. This is somebody you may like to fashion your life after.

Incidentally, there are thousands of people who have made it starting from the scratch. You may even discover that what you experienced was more of a stumble when you come across some of the successful individuals who call the shots today.

3. Don’t just work, Map out your goals

Goals and targets put a spirit of competition into all you do. You must have a yardstick to measure how far you are going about accomplishing what you have set out to do.

You will be charged up to do more once you realize that you are not meeting up with your target.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

4. The word is ours, Explore it

You need to venture out of that hole you have encaved yourself in if you want to move forward.

The world is full of opportunities and the social media and internet as a whole has brought the world even closer to you.

If you cultivate the spirit of adventurism, you’ll discover opportunities hidden from the world at large — remember that the creation of the web browser, Chrome, has further led to the creation of successful businesses in the forms of Chrome Extensions and Apps, just as Wordpress led to the creation of successful businesses from plugins, theme platforms, and more.

5. Give your gut feeling some credence

There is every reason for you to trust your gut feelings. What your guts tell you is actually the real stuff. You can’t be deceived by that.

You need to realize that nobody knows you better than yourself. People may assume what is best for you but you alone know for sure.

6. Charge up your optimism

You clearly need the go-getter attitude in your life. Stop seeing things from the negative side. Those heights you are thinking of are definitely very surmountable.

Once you cultivate a positive attitude towards life you will see things falling in place rather very quickly. You will even be surprised at the turn of events.

7. Go hard or go home

You can no longer afford to be lily-livered. You need to stand up to realities of life. Look problems at eyeball to eyeball. You must stop being queasy and don’t chicken out at every little difficulty.

Your audacity and courage speak volumes of you. People you come across and engage with in life rate you on your boldness. This determines how you run your business or even how your fellow staffers view you.

Wherever and whenever it is necessary, come out with both barrels blazing.

8. No mistakes, only stepping stones

You went down the first time but fortunately, you did not go out.

For all intents and purposes, you must have discovered what sent you to the dregs you’re trying to escape from.

It will be foolhardy if you don’t learn from your past mistakes with every determination to not fall a victim again.

On a parting note, you should be raring to go.


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