The Morning Routine of Successful People

One thing that will never change about humanity is that we will always be fascinated by those that are rich and famous. We look at them, and we are filled with awe. All we want is to know how they got where they are and whether there are lessons we can take from them in order to lift ourselves to the same heights. Well, you don’t have to look very far. Part of the secret to how successful people achieve so much lies in their morning routine, and that is a very simple one, consisting of simple practices and routines that anyone can apply. Would you like to learn more? Read on!

They wake up early

We all know that famous William Camden saying about the early bird catching the worm. If the routines of the most successful people in the world are anything to go by, then there is truth in that saying.

Even from a common sense perspective getting up early in the morning gives you a massive advantage over those that wake up later. You have a head start to do more of the things you need to do with your day.

Among the most successful people in the world, many are known to be early birds. Mark Zuckerberg is known to wake up at 8 am. Warren Buffet is awake earlier, at 6:45 am. Richard Branson is one of the earliest risers, waking up at 5:45 am.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to wake up at hours like 4 am in order to be a successful person. The exact hour you wake up actually isn’t the most important thing here. The most important thing is that you wake up early enough to take care of the most important tasks of the day at a time when your brain is still fresh and productive.

They have an Exercise Routine

Most successful people have some kind of morning exercise routine. It’s a very important thing to do, and most successful people schedule it for the morning hours because they are less likely to do it if they put it off till the evening.

Studies have actually shown that people who have a daily exercise routine tend to be productive, optimistic, and energetic overall. All of these things are important for you to accomplish anything.

People like Tim Cook of Apple and Richard Branson of Virgin all wake up very early in order to exercise. They make sure to wake up early so they actually have time to exercise.

If such busy people can find time in their day to exercise, so should you. It may seem like a tall order, and you’ll probably feel the temptation to just sleep a little longer and give up on most days, but if you stay disciplined and consistent long enough, you will start to see the benefits, and you will never look back.

They Practice Meditation

There are a lot of studies on meditation, and most of them show that it is a very therapeutic practice that generally lowers your stress levels, makes you better able to focus, and also makes you more creative.

Successful people like Oprah, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Cuban are all known to make meditation the very first part of their day.

Meditation is just as important as exercise when it comes to starting your day. It allows you to calm your mind and thoughts. You get to just breathe and feel all your stresses melt away. It gives you some time to yourself and helps you to gain some perspective.

They always Plan ahead

Benjamin Franklin is famously known to say that failing to plan is planning to fail. He was known to wake up as early as 4:00 am, just to prepare the schedule for his day. To this day, this is a common practice among the most successful people in the world.

Tony Robbins is famously known to practice visualization exercises for his day for 10 minutes every morning, just to help him focus on the accomplishments he would like to make for the day.

Planning is important because it allows you to go through your day with a sense of purpose. You won’t be stumbling through your day anymore when you develop a habit of planning; you’ll be striding through.

To help you out, you can seek the help of a professional essay writing service to help you plan ahead for every day with comprehensive and well-prepared daily planners.

They give Priority to the most important Task of the Day

Brian Tracy is known to encourage people to ‘eat the ugliest frog first,’ which is to mean to do the hardest and most important tasks before the rest.

The best time to do these tasks is in the morning. That is when your reserve of will power is at its fullest, thereby giving you maximum strength to accomplish the harder stuff. Being a writer myself, and having worked with lots of other professional essay writers, I know from experience that if you put it off to the end of the day, you will likely run out of energy and won’t be able to do it anymore. So it is better to do it in the morning.


Ultimately, whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, the morning remains a very important part of the day. It is the time when you can accomplish the most and make your day most meaningful. Utilize it, and you will soon join the ranks of the most successful people in the world.

Eugene Eaton is a British blogger who sometimes works for a research paper writing service edubirdie. He is into stand-up comedy. His favourite comedians are Louis CK and George Carlin. A good morning laugh is what keeps Eugene upbeat and motivated through the harsh day.


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33 Responses to The Morning Routine of Successful People

  1. +-Life. says:

    Thank you for this article!

    I think that the single most important habit that I incorporated in my day-to-day routine is to make the decision and effort to get up at 5 am every day.

    And I can honestly say that ever since then, my life has never been more productive and fulfilled.

    It’s funny because I never imagined that I would turn out to be a morning person.

    Now I can’t even get up later than 7 am without getting anxious about losing 2 hours of my precious morning time!

  2. tvzion says:

    Early morning wake up, morning walk, yoga and meditation is very helpful if people do that they become healthy.

  3. temple run says:

    I am quite impressed with the morning habits of successful people, it makes me learn. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gina says:

    I think that everyone has their own motivation. I used to get up at 5 a.m. from college. I enjoyed making beautiful makeup and lilly ghalichi lashes. Now I’m 42 years old and I wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning to communicate with my husband and children in a good mood and strength. Now, it’s our favorite family time.

  5. Hey. Thank you, very useful article. I think all problems are mainly due to sleep. Many people don’t know that sleep is very important. Go to bed earlier. Even if you are among the rare people who get enough sleep for 4-5 hours and go to bed closer to the morning, I can guarantee you that an extra hour allocated to sleep will give you extra vitality and energy. Try to go to bed an hour earlier – and you will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel in the morning. If you go to bed late because of work, then review your work schedule and optimize the process, and if you are distracted by social networks, games or TV shows, then simply reduce this time by 1 hour. Good luck!

  6. Veer says:

    Yes true …. since I am following few out of these habits …. I can feel the changes in my lifestyle…. such a great post. Thank You

  7. Bruce mcgreggor says:

    nice keep it up

  8. tanimay says:

    Helpful article for those whose want success in their life. I think this will change my daily routine.

  9. rajesh says:

    Great post, Today, it seems like the success of great people depends on these necessary tips you listed as part of time management methods they follow.

  10. Prabhat says:

    This is the perfect blog to inspire People who wants to become successful in their life.

  11. Julia Ren says:

    I always remind myself – put the real ones. Everyone needs success, but this is not a reason to start an endless race. I learned to stop in time to feel the rhythm of life next to me. Sometimes I use meditation and natural herbs to achieve peace of mind. You can discover more facts about the benefits of herbs here. These rules help me not to lose myself in the process of achieving career success.

  12. kaira way says:

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  14. salini089 says:

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  15. Pretty good reading. Successful people are the ones who we usually want to know the secret of their success and the morning routine is one of the things which we can learn from them to practice it in our life to boost our probability to achieve success.

    From all of your points in the article, I can see that the unifying theme is to respect time in my opinion. You should plan, wake up early, give priority to task, etc so that you can have more time and use it effectively to do the things which will make you the most closer to success

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