Money Myths That Keep You From Making Big Money: Myth 5

“It Takes Money To Make Money!”

No. It doesn’t.

Again, with this statement we believe that we are dependent on those who are sitting on a mountain of money. It takes an investment to make money or create wealth. An investment can be time, resources (the use of a PC), home- office space, automobile, learning, training, energy, love, planning, practicing—all these can be money-free investments.

This myth is perpetuated by existing Power Brokers (I have nothing against them), who invite you to feed their dream. If you dare to try to break away to build your own personal dream, they’ve got it covered. If you are breaking away from indentured servanthood, at least they can loan you the money and earn the interest for it.

Whether it be a government loan, a small business loan from a bank, or putting up collateral for a loan, you are again working for the existing power brokers, and you may be living a semblance of your dream, but you are still working for the bank, the landlord (lease on commercial property), or the government (small business loan or grant and the following their rules).

SOLUTION: Self-funded Creative Business Model. Invest in your own talent and build income using the Creative Business Model. With the Internet, websites can be built for free and hosted for free. Mean- while, you can develop a client base and hone your talent. As you make income invest it in equipment, (laptop, camera, training, net- working). This way you do not borrow thousands of dollars and invest it unwisely. Stair-step your business gradually, building it naturally, rather than forcing it with branded marketing and mass-created need.

This is the competitive business model that subscribes to the belief system that “it takes money to make money,” since they are in the business to make money from interest payments. Only if you are forcing a need onto the marketplace and creating a product or service that is not coming from heart and soul will you need to borrow money to make a business viable. Your gifts and talents are viable because you are you and you are viable. Work with the “Self-funded Creative Business Model, more info at This may take months and years and decades to come to its fullness. The Powers that Be have been working at it for generations. Think about how many years of education, on-the-job training, and servitude you have invested in someone else’s vision. Instead start investing in yourself and the creative business model.

Deborah S Nelson is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain and the founder ofAuthor Your Dreams Publishing

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