Money Myths That Stop You From Making Big Money: Myth 2


This is one incredible money-myth whopper.

How long has the job been in existence? A hundred years, perhaps? The job creates a false sense of security, but also that of indentured servitude.

For a job, we trade our biggest chunk of time each day for a “pot of porridge, credit card debt, and a home the bank owns.” We have traded our talents, youth, even our soul, for the promise of a steady paycheck. Yet, God, the creator, the source of life, has kept people alive for thousands of years without jobs. If you don’t believe in God, you can see that people have been kept alive by using resources provided by “the creation,” the “Mother Earth.” And “the job market” has not made anyone wealthy except for the people who in- vented it, perpetuate it, and wield the educational system to train peo- ple to work in it!

SOLUTION: Self-funded Self-employment. We have been so indoctrinated beginning in Kindergarten all the way through college that we must “make a living and get a good job.” We are taught this is the road to status, recognition, retirement, and security. We are granted grades, diplomas, awards, honors, and funding to keep us steadily on this path. These are external things, which have gradually mesmerized us to trade our soul (our purpose, our gifts, our talents, legal rights, and our true wealth) for a small weekly stipend. And what was originally a beautiful painting of security, perhaps initially a fair trade—a career that included health insurance, pension, longevity, and retirement, is no longer the real deal.

Today, even the thinly veiled promise of security, status, and retirement is now being re- claimed by its not-so-generous perpetrators. And even worse, increasingly extra “bailout taxes” are also being extorted from American tax payers (workers) in exchange for their continued, but quickly waning, “job security.”

Politics aside, this charade is a well orchestrated drama, cleverly playing on the American and world-stage daily as a distraction from the real theft being done to productive people—Democrat, Republican, American, or otherwise. Wake up people. We have been deceived and gradually become “addicted to jobs,” addicted to the “peanuts” exchanged for these jobs, and addicted to the lifestyle that supports these jobs, and then addicted to the credit cards that sup- port the lifestyle (that supports the jobs).
If you really ponder it, (but who has time to ponder, right?) those very peanuts are again extracted from us as credit card interest, mortgage interest, expensively financed soon-to-be-obsolete automobiles, and the lifestyle (deodorant and such things…) required to “qualify” for this regular stipend, actually a pittance in the terms of what is available in the real world of abundance.

It’s never too late to develop your gifts and talents and wean your- self away from the “corporate umbilical cord.” Click here to learn more about self-funded self-employment.

Deborah S Nelson is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain and the founder ofAuthor Your Dreams Publishing

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