How To Go Fully Organic + Why Consider Doing So In All Aspects Of Your Lifestyle

When you walk through your local grocery store, maybe you have noticed more spaces and shelves dedicated to organic foods. Organic foods are grown and produced without most pesticides and are free of hormones and antibiotics. The idea of natural resources and healthier options is in high demand – not surprising, with this growth of organic food.

An organic lifestyle means much more than just food, however. For example, you can purchase things for your household that help reduce the amount of waste produced, and you can look for alternate ways of travel that do not leave a carbon footprint. 

If you are looking to go fully organic, you need to examine all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. An organic lifestyle incorporates organic foods and produce and does your part to preserve the environment. Here are some excellent options and steps to take when considering the route of a fully organic lifestyle for you and those within your household.


Since the immediate association with going organic entails food, this is the first area that you can start with – eating organic foods. Plant-based foods are a great place to start, from anything that grows on trees, from the ground, or on vines. Organic foods are great for your health, wellness and overall nutrition, as well as the environment. 

When you do not consume organic foods, you are ingesting things like chemicals and processed fats, which can cause buildup in your body, among other health issues. Look for labels on your foods, such as meat and dairy products, that say “certified organic” – this label means that hormones or antibiotics were not administered. The chemicals within the hormones sometimes can survive the cooking process and end up within your body.

When buying eggs, you can also look for labels such as “free-range” and “certified human raise and handled.” Chickens raised for meat and eggs are sometimes confined to tiny cages without ever being outside, and these labels indicate that the chickens were outside and raised without confinement. 


Another aspect of going organic with your food is by making your own meals. When you create your own meals at home, you know precisely what ingredients are being used since you have purchased and prepared them yourself. You can be more mindful of your health including making sure to incorporate more proteins, greens, and healthy foods. As a result, you can measure your foods and stay healthy.

It helps to avoid eating out since you can never be sure that the food you are consuming is certified organic. When you eat out, you should try and limit yourself to just special occasions and look for places that offer organic and certified organic foods. It can help to do some upfront research on places to eat so that you can continue practicing an organic lifestyle. 

Buying local is another way to support small businesses and your local economy. It also eliminates the need for the transportation of food, which aids in reducing greenhouse emissions. Take a trip to your local farmers market or an actual farm if you have one nearby. See if you can locate a farm with indoor vertical farming systems since these are free of pesticides and hormones and have fewer emissions. There are also options out there to have fresh produce boxes delivered to your door from local farmers.

You can also shop around other small, locally-owned organic stores. These stores could not just pertain to food but could have other organic items for you to purchase, such as household cleaners, skincare, body care, and more that are organically made. 


You can effectively reduce the waste you create by growing some of your own produce at home. Though it does entail time to research and start growing fruits and vegetables year over year, you can save a considerable amount of money. You might even find a new hobby that you enjoy because gardening can be therapeutic. 


Cleaning products are largely controversial in terms of whether or not they can be truly organic. Look to start incorporating organic products into your home, such as those that do not contain phosphates and phthalates. Palm oil is another one of these products found in some “green” products, but it has a very negative impact on the environment.

Beauty products and hygiene products are other areas where you can find organic products. However, knowing what is genuinely organic can be challenging since the term is loosely used among products. Still, you can do some research with the Environmental Working Group online and look into the environmental impact of the products you are using. 

It also helps to look for products that use natural ingredients or ones that you can fully pronounce – like essential oils, coconut oil, or beeswax. You can also find ways to make some cleaning, bath, and body products at home using simple ingredients on your brown that produce less waste and save you money as well.


Getting around when working your way towards an organic lifestyle can be more difficult, especially if you live in an area where walking or riding a bike is not a valid option in getting from place to place. Yet, those are the two best ways to produce zero waste, and both of these alternative methods of transportation allow you to get some fresh air and healthy exercise.

However, there are some options that you can look into, such as taking public transportation, carpooling with others, or, if you have the budget, investing in a more fuel-efficient or electric car. 

Clothing, bedding, and more fabrics you use are another avenue to going organic. You want to own chemical-free clothing and fabrics, which can be a little bit trickier when shopping. Look for online stores that promote fully organic clothing and fabrics. Another option might be to go to a thrift store and buy second-hand clothing, reducing the negative impact on the environment. This option also helps you to save money.


While it may take some time to work your way to a fully organic lifestyle, taking small steps and becoming more conscious of the things you purchase and have help us to be more mindful.  Paying attention to all of the things that you put in your body, how you travel, as well as what you use to clean, wear, or put on your face can all be opportunities to look into organic products and methods. 

Going organic not only promotes better health, but you also provide yourself with the ability to save money and do your part to protect our declining environment.

Nicole is a content creator who spends her time writing about everything, including health and wellness, pet care, music, and movies. She writes for various blogs and loves using her insight to help any audience!


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