How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Partner

Building a strong relationship requires a lot of energy from both partners. Falling in love and committing to maintain it are two different things. A relationship with a firm foundation is likely to face the turbulence that life brings along with much more ease. When in a quest to build a strong relationship it’s the little things that count. In this case, commitment is vital. Here are different ways to help you build a strong relationship.

1.      Express your feelings

Many relationships are weak because the people involved kept their feelings to themselves. There are different ways of expressing love, but knowing what makes your partner tick is crucial. Try the following and determine what works for your relationship;

  • Using affirmation words like” I love you” goes a long way
  • Gifting your partner with flowers, ornaments, or a night out
  • Holding hands
  • Putting down your feelings on a paper/card may seem like a thing of the past, but it works

 Do not conceal your feelings; it could hurt your bond.

2.  Communication

Talking frequently without hypocrisy is vital when trying to establish an open relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are citing your frustrations, your appreciation, or expressing how disappointed you are- talk about it to avoid withholding feelings that might stress you in the long haul. Make your relationship limitless where you can talk about everything and while at it, as much as you want to express yourself, you must be a good listener. Communication is two-way.

3.  Be a team when it comes to resolving issues

Every partnership has its disagreements which lead to fighting from time to time. There could be a disagreement about what types of kitchen cabinets you should buy next or about more serious topics such as which one is more invested in the relationship. It’s how you handle the misunderstanding that portrays how strong you are in the relationship. However, you can only solve problems without playing the blame game and having your partner’s interests at heart.

4.      Give-and-take

Your partner may come with two tickets to a basketball game that you happen to hate. It’s always mind-numbing to you but you compromise your feelings and attend because the next time you want to Netflix and chill, you might need their company. Besides, it’s a way to spend time together and build a relationship.

5.  Do not leave in tough times

To establish a sturdy relationship, you need to support your partner and stand by them even when their troubles have no end in sight. Everyone wants a little compassion during their lowest moments and even if they won’t tell you how they feel- some will not even thank you for it- but they will never forget.

6.   Create time for your partner and space when needed

Sparing some time to spend with your loved ones from your busy schedule will strengthen your love for each other. If you prioritize your relationship over everything, it will never be a burden. On the other hand, spending time alone will allow your partner to relax and unwind. Being alone will also make them look forward to seeing you.

7.    Have fun and complement each other’s sense of humor

Let’s face it: nobody likes being in a tedious relationship. If your partner has a sense of humor, learn to appreciate it. Laughter is a great stress reliever, after all. It can also be a spice to building a strong relationship.

8.    Do not abandon your sexual connection

Sex is a vital aspect of a relationship. It can boost your partner’s self-esteem; along with making them feel good. In research conducted by Hendrick & Hendrick on close to a thousand people, it showed that sex demonstrates a profound sentiment of love.

The Bottom Line

When striving to build a strong relationship, do not neglect yourself while subconsciously pursuing love from the other person. Self-love and appreciation come first. Communication should always be a two-way path. It can be hard at first, but it gets easier as you grow into your relationship.

That being said, time does not guarantee that your relationship will get unconditionally better, and stronger, but that can definitely be the end result if that’s what you truly want, and you actively put genuine effort to get to really know your partner, what works for them and what doesn’t. Be honest. Keeping emotional barriers will only grow you apart. It’s gratifying to really get to know someone and to let them know you, so give them and yourself the chance.

Love, care, and respect are genuine emotions that trigger happiness in a relationship. Always aim to build an intense and unyielding relationship with your loved ones


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