How to be Self-Aware in a Troubled World

Right now, it’s a challenging thing to stay connected, listening, and loving. To have a tender heart and an alive intelligence. From global to personal, so many issues press in from all sides. Admitting to yourself that sometimes no matter what you do, it all feels impotent. This can leave you feeling powerless and somewhat devastated.

But we can remember that we have a deeper, real power at our disposal. This power comes not from our actions, but from our awareness – the awareness of our dreaming.

The power of awareness

Consider the dreams we have every night. We get emotionally hooked by the storyline of our dreams when we’re asleep and unaware that we’re dreaming. But if you happen to realize while dreaming that you are in fact, in the middle of a dream, everything changes in an instant.

Becoming conscious that you are dreaming makes you no longer at the mercy of your unconscious mind. Fear, anxiety, and frustration no longer own the narrative. With such lucid dreaming, you can influence the storyline.

And your true power comes into play here – recognize that you’re dreaming. If this little miracle happens to you, your dreams become conscious and connected to your heart, instead of your unconscious mind. A playful or insightful element suddenly appears.

What we don’t realize is that most people live much of their waking life in a dream as well. It is a daytime dream of separation.

In nightmares, the stories and emotions run rampant through your head. You are unaware of how safe and sound you are in bed. Likewise, the heartache expressing in you right now is caught up in the violence and pain playing out in the world, feeling like “safe and sound” is a million miles away.

How do I become conscious?

I want to suggest that you can learn to recognize that you are dreaming – not while you’re sleeping, but in your waking life. 

It’s actually really simple. It’s your nature to be aware. 

Move your awareness: direct it from the terrors in your news feed, and come inside your own mind and body. Become conscious of the injustice and betrayal that is insistent and chronically expressing in your system when triggered by these external events. 

Become aware of the resistance and the fight echoing inside your skin. 

Become aware that these are feelings of separation. They are parts of ourselves that don’t yet know they are always connected to a vast resource of support, love, and safety – a resource that is very alive in the present moment. We can be aware of these storylines, mental loops, and emotions, while still knowing that we are not actually isolated from support and safety and love. The separation is the illusion, the dream.

 To become aware that you are dreaming gives you power to reconnect those disconnected parts. That is the power of being conscious, really conscious, in this moment.

In the internal noticing of the story, those parts in ourselves that feel helpless, powerless, and impotent can be connected to the fact that there is something in the deeper dimension of the present moment that is much more harmonious, present, and throbbing with connection. 

The secret here is really in just noticing all that. That which feels so certainly separate from solution, support – the persistent, captivating, and disheartening illusions on chronic replay in your system – can be brought right back into love, into healing, with this one act. Ironically, this doesn’t mean any action on your part; it is the simple power of being totally conscious.

What happens when you become conscious

When we don’t let our fear, anxiety, and injustice fight through the day, when you are not indulging, acting, dreaming, controlling the moment, we actually have much more power. When we come inside to the insistent habit of injustice or betrayal, we can see the dream being cast. This is you dreaming. However, there is a deep eternal safety and love that is alive in this present moment. You can feel this directly, and you are never actually separate from that support and solution.

But then you ask me: “What about the children? What about the war? What about _____?” 

I ask you to look inside and notice: is this your personal injustice playing out? Can you notice that internal reality, instead of focusing on the external? And can you see what your own insistent fear, betrayal, and injustice have given you? Do you know what your own system, awash in love and support, has given you?

Only when you are awash in that love is it possible to have waking dreams of justice and harmony. Only from a deep well of justice can you mirror external justice. Only from a profound wholeness can you manifest that wholeness.

Our disconnection is not a power place. Only our connection can mirror back to us that black lives matter, that children are safe, that education is essential, and healthcare is affordable, accessible, excellent. That we have infinite resources. That we can feed and energize a whole planet with intelligence underfoot. That there are no illegal humans; all humans all belong.

When you are deeply connected to your birthright of eternal love and resource and non-separateness, you become a very powerful dreamer. You can turn the injustice you feel crushed against into contentedness, safety, and love. The real power to do this is inside ourselves, not outside ourselves.

The world is a dream, a mirror, reflecting our chronic sense of injustice back to us. 

You can insist on your injustice and keep the mirror, your dream, just as it is… Or you can bring love and healing to all these parts of yourself yet to know your immense, internal resources. 

You can be powerful. 

When you can connect to love and resource inside, this in itself starts a new dream, and only this can truly dream of peace. The realness of this more rooted aliveness is overwhelmingly full of solutions, and can make miracles happen daily.

So the only question is, where are you insisting on your own injustice and heartbreak? Where are you dense and unavailable to the healing available to you? And are you willing to notice that this is you dreaming, and become conscious?

Finding your own power in the present moment, achieves so much – not only for your own growth but also in being a conscious can we make our outside world conscious and compassionate to the issues. If you’re looking for a way to evolve, you may wish to read my free ebook on how to live your life with true clarity.


Kiran Trace is a Human Development expert hailed worldwide for her clear, detailed and practical insights on human nature. She specializes in introducing you to the vast eternal peace of your original nature and offers a comprehensive map with practical tools to help you transform traumatic patterns into full healing and fulfillment. Check out her book: Tools for Sanity  and her blog: She also has a class called Embodiment, which is the first class in her three-class series where she walks step by step through this process


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