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Day 13: Stop Making These Common Mistakes – This Is How You Can Be Truly Happy

Most people don’t believe that we have the power to actively change their state from miserable and morose to happy and satisfied. And the kicker is, it doesn’t too much effort to change states naturally.

The real challenge is having the faith to try. r

Day 14: Trouble Saying NO? Do This To Find Your Voice!

The first thing to remember is to never beat yourself up. You are not spineless, a pushover or insecure, you’re a human being. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have relied on cooperation and trading favors to keep themselves sheltered and fed. Our ancestors saw that those who weren’t willing to lend a hand found themselves without friends to help them out, sometimes to the detriment of their survival. r

Day 15: Your Life Is Spiraling Out Of Control—Here’s How To Fix It

If you find yourself rushing around with a packed schedule, glued to your phone or email (or both!), filling empty time slots with activities to keep you constantly moving, then not only do your fit the bill of a modern day urgency junkie, you are slowly killing your soul, draining your creative potential and taking years off your life. r

Day 16: You’re Making Yourself Fat, Not Happy: Here’s How to Dump Your Artificial Lover

Do you know what’s best about a salty bowl of chips, queso and a yummy margarita?

They never tell you no, they won’t leave you and, honestly, they don’t care if you’re fat.

But what do THEY do for YOU? r

Day 17: Perfect Zen The Surprising Secret to Unceasing Serenity

Inhaling and exhaling goes hand in hand with the beating of our hearts. We do it 20,000 times a day, but if you don’t do it right you are affecting your health and happiness in a negative way.

Without breath, there is no life. r

Day 18: Can’t Keep Up? 10 Reasons To Take A Well Deserved Time Out

Are you feeling like your wheels are spinning out of control and going nowhere?

If your work time is tipping the scales toward WAY TOO MUCH!, it’s time to take a time- out and find a meaningful way to balance your energy. r