Day 18: Can’t Keep Up? 10 Reasons To Take A Well Deserved Time Out

Are you feeling like your wheels are spinning out of control and going nowhere?

If your work time is tipping the scales toward WAY TOO MUCH!, it’s time to take a time- out and find a meaningful way to balance your energy.

1.  You’re running on empty. Sleep is an essential part of life. Accept it. The only time your body will restore itself is while you are sleeping. Most adults need between six and eight hours of sleep to feel refreshed. You’ve been depriving yourself, now it’s time to recover.

2.  You’re spinning out of control. Work related stress, insomnia, guilt, and over scheduling yourself, are all part of the perfect recipe for mounting insanity. If you expect to get grounded, you must take stock in your actions and eliminate unrealistic expectations, negativity, and busy work from your life.

3.  You’re unnhappily married. Are you in a sexless, loveless or empty marriage? This is a 911. Call a therapist and make your marriage work immediately. Do not pass Go or collect $200.

4.  You’re fussing with your family. Proving your value in the work place by working long hours will see you neglecting family and feeling guilty. Leave the office early, let go of the work when your feet hit home, and lose the guilt altogether.

5.  You’re missing your friends. All you have time to think about is work and family. You are going non-stop, 24/7 and can’t remember the last time you had a laugh with your friends. Stop the madness now. Call your friends and meet for a happy hour to catch up.

6.  You’re boring yourself. If you are so cemented in your routine that you drive to work on Sunday instead of the breakfast place where you are meeting friends, you need a break. Routines and rituals give us security, but it is always healthy to break our patterns from time to time to avoid burn out and boredom.

7.  You’re burning out. Negative stressors and always being on the go in your work life can impact your life in a way that leaves you unmotivated, lacking confidence and skating along the edge of burn out. You must take time to recharge your batteries if you expect to find the vibrancy your life deserves.

8.  You’re grouching at the world. Are you irritable, short-tempered, and over scheduled? Taking your frustration out on others when you are feeling agitated is damaging to your relationships. Instead of asking to be forgiven for speaking in haste, take a walk, blow off some steam and stop being so grouchy.

9.  Your stomach is growling. If you are choosing unhealthy foods that are processed and sugary or eating too little, it will take a toll on your body and mind. When you are unable to complete tasks and become moody as a result, then everyone is uncomfortable. Take a break and have a snack rather than taking out your frustration on someone you care about.

10.  You Need a vacation. Do you have lots of headaches, neck tension, and back aches? Are you scribbling island pictures of Hawaii while speaking to your CEO about a pending project?  Schedule you vacation in advance so it is on the calendar, you can build in support for your absence, and have a built in reward.

Never be afraid of losing your spot in the workplace by taking a break. You’ll feel recharged, revitalized and with a renewed sense of confidence. You’ll find you have far more to give when you take the time to give to yourself. Upgrade your life by taking a break today!


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Cindy Platt is a parenting specialist who writes at Your Life’s Blueprint. Follow her on Twitter.


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