How To Access Inner Wealth and Leave Your Poverty Mindset Behind

Does the First Minute of Your Day ALWAYS Suck?

The alarm went off…SIGH.

Every day, this struggle, just to do the minimum, no joy, no excitement.

The truth is, when it comes to your life work, you’ve already called in sick.

Can you even remember what excitement is?

Doctor, what’s the prognosis?

First, the Bad News…This Problem is Inside You

You’re suffering from poverty, but not necessarily of money. No, it’s a lack of aspiration, a poverty mind-set.

Imagine if all the money you had was completely borrowed, as you would on high-interest credit cards. Not good, right? But, you’re tolerating a poverty mind-set and so suffering great pain every day.

If all you allow yourself is only the borrowed credit lines of other people’s opinions and expectations, you’re poor, and you’re suffering spirit-killing rates of emotional interest.

Living off someone else’s assets drains your health, leading to poverty of energy, excess anxiety, fear, and stress.

Worst of all, you’ve become a stranger to yourself.

Imagine, at the same time, that you have all kinds of assets, you’d forgotten or never knew of? Wouldn’t you want to stop living on borrowed assets and be self-sufficient?

So, here’s the GOOD NEWS:

The Solution, and the Potential for an AWESOME FUTURE are Inside You

What if I told you that EVERYTHING you needed to transform how you feel was, in fact, inside you this very minute?

What if I told you that you have the internal assets already that can provide you with inner wealth and start you a path to consistently life-affirming and ever present joy?

Remember, if your spirit is poor, odds are, you live on the lines of credit provided by what other people have said about you and what they give you credit for, so toss away those borrowed mental and emotional assets, and unlock that inventory of inner riches right now.

Remember, all the books on business talk about the entrepreneurial mind as the key to creating wealth. Once a business coach told me that the biggest challenge in changing your life work and beginning a wonderful life-work business wasn’t outside, but inside. He was right.

You’re the only person, the only one, that you are with 24/7.

If your relationship with yourself isn’t right, your poverty of self-regard and poverty of self-awareness will destroy your quality of life, so transform that relationship into calm self-acceptance and absolute self-satisfaction.

Quick, take these things down!

Guess What: The Path Forward Goes Backward…To and Through Yourself

1-Go back to childhood, and write about joy in past experiences. Be specific and detailed!

2-Now, close your eyes, see what you’ve written in your mind’s eye, and feel it.

3-Pick up your magic wand and say, “If anything and everything were possible, how would I spend my days?”

4-Close your eyes again, now find that joyous future, then write those feelings down. Read them out loud when you go to bed, and when you get up.

5-Realize that joy isn’t always crazing and noisy: sometimes it’s no less powerful for its quiet and awesome clarity, like the stealth of a submarine with unsurpassed weaponry and capability.

6-Identify with yourself at all times. If something goes wrong, accept it, move on. Always, ALWAYS, be kind to yourself, have compassion for yourself, just as much as you would for a loved one or dear friend.

7-Concentrate on productivity and creativity, not on mistakes. Revel in the wealth of every day being a giant opportunity. And, best of all, you can increase your inner wealth as your happiness and ease grow.

8-Don’t limit your new found consciousness to the beginning and end of each day. During the day, observe your thoughts; if you have a negative one or one based on someone else’s opinions or expectations of you, substitute a new one based on your newly discovered and rediscovered inner wealth.

Where do you start?

Your Future is INSIDE YOU: What will it be?

Start with tomorrow, your first day of opportunity.

Imagine the excitement.

You’ve actually woken up before your alarm clock.

You grab your notebook with all the ideas and triumphant episodes you have imagined in the morning.

How lucky are you?

Imagine, you’ve tried to go to sleep visualizing that newly discovered, gleaming vault inside you.

Who needs an alarm clock now? Bet you barely got to sleep, visualizing an awesome future all night.

Tomorrow: It’s a new day, a new life. Make the most of it!!

Lars Nielsen is a free-lance copywriter with a unique selling voice from the cadence and imagery developed through poetry, playwriting, fiction, radio, and comedy. Go to and see how Ultimate Influence Copywriting can tell compelling stories for your business, your speeches, your ideas, and your life.


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