7 Ways to Create a Healthier Environment for Your Mental Stability

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Mental health is a common problem for many individuals, globally. Most people have no idea that they have mental health issues but move on everyday just like a typical day. These issues arise from workplaces, homes, or interactions with people or activities that stress your mind. According to a study, poor mental health causes about 14 percent of all deaths worldwide and increases the mortality rate by 2.2 percent compared to individuals doing well mentally. Thirty percent of all grownups experience mental health issues at some point in their lives, with the large number among this set comprising low-income earners. Poor control of your mental health can lead to suicidal thoughts, which by itself claims 800,000 deaths a year globally. From these statistics, you can tell that mental health is a challenge to be addressed. Ways to create a healthier environment for your mental state are discussed below.

Take Naps in the Afternoon When Needed.

As a busy individual, getting enough sleep is prime. Although the recommended sleeping hours for adults in a day are 7 hours, this might not be enough. You might be waking up early for work and getting home late after. It’s therefore advisable to take a short nap during the day, more so in the afternoon hours.

However, a nap should not exceed 30 minutes since this will disrupt your sleep in the evening. Ensure the napping environment is conducive, quiet, and serene, promoting restfulness. Napping clears your mind, and your effectiveness at work after that is higher.

Spend Time Sharpening Your Hobby

Hobbies are activities you engage in that you adore. Set time somewhere within the day honing your hobby, which will get you to interact with your senses more. Hobbies cheer you up and, for a moment, deviate your feelings from the stressful thoughts across your mind.

Getting a hobby that involves the mind is preferable since it activates your mind, which helps in decision making and in areas where you need your mind to perform. Some of my hobbies are sculpting, writing, exercising, and reading. What is your hobby?

School Yourself on Mental Health.

Getting knowledge about your mental health and how to improve it is pretty vital. This helps you recognize signals and indications within yourself, others, and the environment around you that can affect your mental state. It also lets you know how to deal with and heal from them.

It would be best if you consider online therapy whether you feel that your mind is in the right state or not. Consider getting to know and improving yourself a priority. There are plenty of organizations willing to help people looking for a better mental state. 

Promote a Clean and Organized Environment at Home.

Mental health starts with liking the place you spend your time. Home is where we seek comfort, rejuvenate and get rid of negative thoughts after long work days. Therefore, you should aim to improve your home`s state by making it clean and conducive to living.

It will help if you consider acquiring non-transparent wardrobes and cabinets that will keep things away from plain sight. This will help you shun unnecessary thoughts while at home. And like the saying goes, a messed up place is a messed up mind.

Interact with the Outdoor and Natural Capacity.

Staying locked up at one place can be tiresome, boring, and can mess up your mental state. Maximize your time outdoors and get to interact with the natural space. The green space has been proven to lighten up our moods and enable us to interact with our inner selves, and set off a mental reset. A change of scenery and the way you do things from time to time can help you more so if you are dealing with mental health.

Healthy Eating

Eating a well balanced meal will not only help in physical development of the body but will also impact the mental health of an individual.Healthy meals such as dark green vegetables, fruits and fluids will go along way in reducing anxiety and stress ensuring that an individual is mentally sound.


Naturally human beings are interactive and social beings that rely on each other to overcome barriers and celebrate victories. As you socialize with other people you rediscover your identity and increase joy and happiness in your life. As a matter of fact, socializing will reduce stress and boost your mental health.

Finally, understand that your mental health is a priority if you want to achieve anything. Interact with people, events, and an environment that triggers the positive side of you. It is normal that you will face challenges as a human, but this should not be a reason to impoverish your mental state. Learn how to identify the things that can alter your mental stability and learn how to deal with them.


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