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5 Ways to Stop Wasting your Time

Wasting time is robbing oneself.” ~ Estonian proverb

There are only twenty-four hours in each day. You’ve got to make each of them count for something.

Even if this means that you deliberately take a break, you should do so with some wise intention that ultimately benefits you.

Not using your time wisely can create a downward spiral in your life that could be rather difficult to recover from. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding this catastrophe altogether, but you have to know some realistic ways to see it through.

Not everybody is equipped with an active personality. There are some people who need a little extra motivation to get things done.

Still, some folks have the determination but feel trapped in some sort of a rut, thus preventing them from seeing their dreams come true.

None of those scenarios have to be your story when you understand the best ways to stop wasting your time.

Procrastination is almost like a rampant disease – one that plagues people of all ages and from all walks of life.  The difference between procrastinators and the successful is illustrated in the following 5 habits:

1. Start making to-do Lists 

A productive life is often a hectic one; and so not having things written down somewhere can cause you serious problems.  Creating a to-do list for yourself is a highly effective way to get things done.  Doing this will give you a clear idea of what needs to happen each day, and it helps you to organize your thoughts and priorities as well.  Making a to-do list is as simple as getting out a piece of paper and pen and setting your mind to doing something with your time.

It is easy to find ready-made to-do books and agendas at one of your local stores.  These organizational tools are cheap and they are meant to help you streamline your time.

Sometimes we waste time simply because we do not have everything in order.  You can avoid this scenario by simply keeping matters recorded in a place that is easily accessible to you.

2. Use each Minute of the Day 

It is not enough for you to simply jot down a list of things you want to accomplish.  This could be an activity that ultimately ends up being more of a waste of time, especially if you do nothing with the list.  However you need to do it, get motivated.

Everyone has their own unique triggers – things that make them tick.  Find yourself, grab onto it, and use its power to propel you towards being productive.

Since the hours in the day are limited you need to have an appreciation for how time flies.  Not using your time wisely or being lazy, apathetic, or doubtful are clear signs that you no longer value your life.

Meaningful existence is synonymous with happy existence.

If you want to feel fulfilled, you are going to have to start creating to-do lists and then using every moment you can to see that the items on that list get crossed off.


3. Have Somebody hold you Accountable for your Claims 

You may not like having someone’s foot up your rear-end all the time, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

In order for you to learn how to take your own claims seriously you will need another person to back you up. Having a sponsor, talking to a trusted friend or relative, or even joining a support group might be a good idea for you now.

That is, if you can do so without using it as an excuse to procrastinate more.

Wasting the time of someone else is disrespectful; but wasting your own time is a whole other story.  Whoever you choose to help you out is going to want to see you put in some effort.

Do not waste your time and the time of someone else simply because you are feeling unmotivated, lazy, lethargic, or careless.  That simply is not fair to you and it not fair to the other person.  Instead, use this resource as fuel to the fire that will propel you towards success.

4. Set Reminders for Yourself 

Sometimes we waste time for the simple fact that we forget about what we were supposed to do.  Later, we find ourselves rushing around while wishing for those precious moments back.

To avoid this drama, simply set a reminder for yourself on a clock, TV, computer, or mobile device.  There are usually options whi

ch allow users to include details on said reminders.  You can use this tool to help keep yourself focused and on task.

You might have teamed up with someone to keep you motivated, but that person likely cannot be with you twenty-four hours a day.  When you are on your own, you might want to stop; and this could cause you to waste more of your time.

Setting a reminder of some sort is a great way to make your procrastinating self say, “Oops, it’s time to get moving!”

5. Get enough Rest at Night so you have adequate Energy during the Day 

Being tired is one of the leading causes of someone wasting their time.

Instead of working towards a goal they lay around, sleeping, playing on social media, or watching TV.  Sometimes, unproductive people stay up until the wee hours of the night; and in the process they disrupt their circadian rhythms and become insomniacs who are tired all the next day.  This pattern can cause you to waste time when you could otherwise be using it wisely.

This situation could be eliminated in your life if you simply get enough sleep at night.

Avoiding naps during the day and attempting to go to bed at a decent hour each night is a great way to get back into a healthy cycle.  However, if you need to sleep because you have been feeling overworked, then by all means take a short break.

The point is, you want to stop wasting your time on fruitless endeavors when you have more important things to do.

I’m curious – what’s the number one way that you have stopped wasting time in your life?

If you have any extra ideas or questions on the topic please share them with me in the comment section below.

All the best,



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