5 Ways to Revitalize Your Life and Learn to Love What You Do

Burn-out (adjective) – to ruin one’s health or become completely exhausted through overwork.

Job burn-out involves the feelings of being physically, mentally and emotionally stressed or exhausted, leading many to question their career choice and value and contribution to the greater good of human kind.  While we all know that there are some occupations where burn-out tends to occur at a higher rate, we are all at risk for ruts, slumps and discouragement as many struggle to find a way to revitalize their roles. Since when did just “showing up” and “getting by” become sufficient? Showing up is just the beginning of how you can improve our mindset with the key being to redefine your environment and in that gain a new perspective for how you can make a difference in whatever job you have. On a side note, all the students reading this don’t think I am not talking directly to you as well, this applies to everyone!

Step 1: Show Up

“Showing up” starts not the moment you step into work in the morning, afternoon or evening.  Showing up starts the moment you wake up, get out of bed and initiate your pre-work routine. Here, positivity is the most important attribute of our mindset that we must create on a daily basis.  This state of mind is crucial, and must be verbalized again and again in order to instill within you the idea that you are to have the best day possible.  The way you speak to and about yourself has the power to influence actions and body language in a manner that sets you up for success.  Secondly, dressing appropriately is highly documented to influence our attitudes as well as the impressions others form about us. It’s amazing that something so simple can change the way we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us, so why not capitalize on this EVERY SINGLE DAY! Finally, being present in mind, body, and spirit from the second you “arrive” will not only improve your mindset but help you to work longer, harder and faster in a more focused manner.

Step 2: Create a Successful Environment

Our environment is composed primarily of people who surround us on a daily basis including our bosses, co-workers and support staff, people whom we spend 40+ hours a week with. In life, and work relationships are the single most important thing you can have in order to achieve true happiness. We are a product of our environments and thus need to surround ourselves with people who are going to make us successful and happy in every aspect of our work.  How does this help to rejuvenate us? Well, ask yourself this question, do you want to spend your work week surrounded by people you can’t stand, or would you rather work with people whom you care about, can open up to, share ideas with, and vent to? I think the answer is pretty clear.

Step 3:  Find Happiness In What You Do

This step requires you to dig deep into remembering what you fell in love with in the first place that has you doing what you do.  What was your draw to your current role or position?  For me, it is being able to help people cope with pain emotionally and physically, while pushing within their boundaries to help them succeed in achieving their goals to return to work, sports, and life in general.  It’s about the progress, and making strides little by little every single day towards a bigger goal.  Whether you are saving the world, working as an IT consultant, selling cars or managing a multi-million dollar company, find passion and love in what you do.

Step 4: Set and Accomplish Goals

Setting realistic, time-sensitive goals can have a huge impact on your work or school life.  Maybe it is as simple as writing a checklist and crossing things off (arguably the most satisfying feeling in the world), crushing your goals will remind you that you are on your way to success.  Setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals will help to keep you honest, but don’t forget to affirm your goals. Speak your goals in the morning when you wake up, tell someone about your goals, post them for others to see so that your network of loved ones, friends and co-workers can help you say honest in striving to reach them.

 Step 5: Separate Yourself

The benefit of step 1 is that while you are at work or school you are dedicating yourself 110% to what you are involved in, but don’t forget to separate yourself when you can from your work in order to mentally and physically re-tool.  Turn your phone off, spend time with loved ones, partake of a hobby, and release stress.  It is just as important to have the ability to rest, collect and organize your thoughts and RELAX as it is to perform at high level on a daily basis.

 Now that you know the steps, it’s time to go out and just do it. As we always say, “Don’t talk about it, be about!”


by Dr. Bruce Buckman and Tom Kokosinski

Tom Kokosinski and Dr. Bruce Buckman are the creators and founders of the Best Mind, Body, Spirit – a motivational and inspirational blog and upcoming podcast aimed at helping readers and listeners figure out how to become successful and truly live their best life. It can be found at www.bestmindbodyspirit.com. The podcast will air on April 7.


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