5 Steps I Took To Increase My Self-Esteem, Permanently

So I’ve been doing the Jar of Awesome technique to boost my self-esteem. It’s not bad. But it was literally recommended by someone random so I don’t know if it’s credible or not. Having said that, I’m trying to measure the effects just based on how I’m feeling – from a self-esteem perspective –  and it will take a few more weeks before I get a good assessment. (stay tuned!)

The real reason I bring that up is because I found a new technique that’s more credible. I was listening to the I Love Marketing podcast, which is hosted by some very successful entrepreneurs. They mentioned a technique without a name so I will name it the “5 Steps Toward Ambition.

First, you rate yourself on a scale to see how much you need this. A 1 is a perspective of “It’s all downhill from here in my life”, a 3 to 5 is “I’m running out of time to accomplish what I want” and a 12 is the max score which is “I am proud of all my achievements and they boost me to achieve even greater things”

Although I have some aspects of 12, I was startled.

Because there is definitely some “I’m running out of time” mindsets going on in my mind. And I think everyone has this at some point. Young teenagers compare themselves to kids who are already millionaire pop sensations, middle aged people realize they could have used their time better, and old people realize death is coming.

For me, I am not scared about running out of time to get rich. Having studied so many successful people, I have encountered so many examples of people who got rich after years of patience and a horrible starting point, that I am chill about that. But I am scared of not being able to accomplish the tasks I want to accomplish specifically before I get old. Some life goals just do not feel the same as an old geezer.

Basically, this exercise helps you stay ambitious and increase your ambition. It also (supposedly) changes your mindset and perspective so that you are constantly growing and doing better stuff rather than falling into a negative view of “it’s all over.”

I think this is huge for me since I definitely have some negative gaps I need to fill. And I think it’s a huge edge and advantage for you if you improve this as well. Most average people in the world have these negative mindsets that discourage them from doing anything ambitious.

So how do you do this exercise?

You list 5 positive achievements, the reasons why you consider they are progress, further progress you can make through action steps.

So Joe Polish, one of the hosts, did it as an example and I was shocked.

Because he did that was insightful for me. He listed some very small achievements that I do as well that I always gloss over. I don’t celebrate them. I don’t acknowledge them much. I don’t pay myself on the back for it. And it was just one of those golden insights that gave me a slight hint towards a possible reason why my self-esteem and self-love is not as high as it could be.

If you are curious, here are some of the achievements he listed: eating a healthy breakfast, getting enough sleep, and meditating.

So I want to do this whole exercise myself for you here for the first time to kick start this and maybe encourage you to follow along:


I slept in today and got 10 hours of sleep.
I walked and semi-jogged for an hour today without needing to go to the gym.
I meditated today.
I ate a healthy breakfast of oatmeal today.
I wrote some awesome drafts of future blog posts today.

Why they are positive:

It prevents exhaustion and creates optimal health.
It improves my focus, energy levels, and clears my mind. It also reminds me that I don’t need to pay to exercise.
A lot of successful people do this. I wanted to adopt this to see if it will improve my success. It’s great I am keeping it as a habit.
It’s an incredibly nutritious food that has a healthy amount of protein and no bad ingredients.
They improved my writing and I have a feeling they will help a lot of people when they are released.

Further progress I can make (action steps):

I can refine my sleep schedule so I do not oversleep or binge sleep to make up for the weekdays.
I can push myself to jog more so I am not just walking.
I can meditate longer. My sessions are fairly short right now.
I can eat this more consistently by getting up earlier. I should go to sleep earlier to do this.
I can set up a consistent editorial schedule so I am not just writing randomly and bewildered at what to do.

So there you have it!

I do feel better and more in focus. I think celebrating what I have accomplished is really important for increasing your ambition, putting things in the right perspective, boosting your self-esteem, and having a healthy mindset. Just to keep things in perspective, today was not the best day for me. I had a toxic relationship I had to deal with. I’m bringing that up to just show you that real people have bad days too. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Keep your head up.

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