5 Reasons Why Babies Would Make Successful Bloggers

I have been a proud father of our son for little over one year now. It’s really incredible to see how fast our little man grows up and the new skills he develops.

At the same time, I realized that babies would make perfect bloggers, since they own certain characteristics that every successful blogger has.

Now, I can admit that I don’t own all of these traits that I list here. At the same time I know that these very same ones are owned by many successful bloggers around the blogosphere.

How many of these you can find on yourself?

1. They focus on just one thing at a time

Clearly; this is an Achilles heel for many bloggers: We are bombarded with sales letters, product launches and e-books that promise to make our lives better and easier.

Because of this, we are tempted to focus on many things at the same time. Unfortunately, this is the same reason why so many bloggers don’t make any noticeable progress with their blogs.

It’s also the reason for being overwhelmed and feeling the stress that a blogger might face, since there are so many compelling options to choose from.

This is not the case with babies. They focus on just one thing at a time.

For instance, when my son is eating his meal, he doesn’t watch the television or read a newspaper at the same time (like, ahem, his dad might do at times 😉 There is just one thing that he focuses on and that’s it.

2. They don’t care what others think

The older we grow, the more self-regulating we become. When it comes to blogging, we choose a certain “protocol” to follow and don’t want to step outside of the herd.

For instance, we are being told that it’s not possible to make a successful blog without SEO or without being on different platforms on the social media at the same time.

Since we are told so by other bloggers, we take this advice granted and stick to same old rules as they. We don’t like to be different and we don’t like to be pointed at.

Babies are the complete opposite as they do what’s necessary and they don’t care what others think.

If they feel hungry, they express it very clearly and loud – no matter if they are at home or at a grocery store.

Now, don’t you think that bloggers could learn from babies about this trait as well?

Do you think you could do things differently than the rest of the bloggers, like publishing less on your blog (instead on a daily basis) or not being on every social media platform at the same time (sticking only to one platform)?

Be brave and dare to be different. Do what’s necessary and care less what others think.

3. They need a mentor

We all (bloggers) follow someone who is already successful. We want to learn from him/her how to reach the same kind of success they’ve got.

But how many of us hire a personal mentor that we’d like to work with? Like the one we can access by phone or by e-mail when we need some advice? Unfortunately, not too many.

However, see what babies do: They most likely have a mentor or mentors (father and mother) and they emulate what they do, how they speak and how they act. Babies understand that mentors are very important when reaching the success in their lives.

As a blogger, would you benefit from a mentor or a coach? Would it make a difference in your blogging success? If you think it would, then start acting on this idea and get a boost to your blogging career right away – by hiring a mentor (or a coach).

4. They understand the importance of rest

How many hours did you sleep last night and was the quality of your sleep good?

I have to admit that the quality of the sleep I got last night (before waking up and writing this post) wasn’t the best possible. Right now I feel tired and I’m not as alert as I could be.

At the same time, this is exactly what a lot of bloggers feel: They don’t sleep enough, thus they don’t give their bodies enough time to recover from day’s activities. And the less sleep you’ve gotten, the more tired and less productive you become.

This is not the case with babies: They sleep a lot, because they understand the importance of it.

It’s their way of making sure that their body develops well and that they recover from their days that are full of activity.

Do you think that improving the quality of your sleep would make you a better blogger? For instance, you would never write tired and you could be focusing on your tasks much better than with a lack of sleep.

Learn from babies and sleep enough, so that you feel good and focused when you work.

5. They grab their parent’s attention well

When you write a blog post; it’s not enough just to publish it. You also have to make sure that others become aware of it by doing some blog post promotion. Otherwise you might just have a post that no-one is interested in.

Babies do the “promotion” part very well. They catch everyone’s attention by being cute and just themselves and they do it very effectively. When there is a baby around, everyone wants to see it.

When it comes to blogging, you have to work a bit until you get heard or seen.

This can be done for instance by guest posting on other blogs. That’s a great way to increase your visibility in the blogosphere.

Eventually you could reach the point where you are seen and heard automatically whenever you talk. Partly this is done by other people as they promote your content around the Web for you.


It’s fun to watch your children grow and develop. At the same time, it’s also fun to learn from them and see how those lessons can be applied in your own life as well.

No matter if you are a not a blogger, you can still learn from these great characteristics and use them to improve your life. It’s like going back to your early days: You possessed these traits when you were a baby – and you still have them inside you.

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