5 Reasons Learning To Say “F*ck It” Is Really, Really Important

When is the last time you found yourself outraged by a situation, where you reacted quickly and aggressively without thinking about the outcome? We’re all human, and we all do it. Yogi or not.

The problem with reacting so aggressively to situations is not only for the receiver, but for YOU. Your jaw starts clenching. Your entire body goes into stress, causing: inflammation, high blood pressure, muscle tension, and overall negative emotions. Who has time for that?!

Learning to say two simple words to yourself – which might not be very ‘yogic’ of me, but very real – can change the way you think. F*CK IT. Simply. I’m not talking about not-caring-about-anything-in-life-anymore-and-foregoing-your-opinions. I’m talking about being in a situation that can easily put you over the edge, taking a deep breath, saying f*ck it (to yourself)… then taking the time to think about how you really want to react.

THIS is how I’m defining F*CK IT:

“This doesn’t matter right now. This is not contributing to my current mind-state in any positive way. This situation has escalated and the results of this dialog will not be constructive. This is not worth dealing with. I need to think about this and respond later in time.”

It can be something as simple as someone cutting you off on the highway or your sister borrowing your shirt without asking. Or, something more elaborate like an argument with your partner or someone stealing a great idea you had.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf, right? 

Here are 5 reasons you should say “f*ck it” more often:

  1. You’re saving yourself stress: Generally speaking, we are really busy people. If you can save yourself from stress and anxiety, why wouldn’t you? By removing yourself physically and emotionally from a negative situation, you’re practicing self-love and mindfulness. Even if the key words are f*ck it.
  2. You’re saving someone else stress: If you’re reading PTB, you probably have a general care about the wellbeing of others. We never know what is going on in someone else’s head. Even if we’re married to them. Even if they’re our children. You never know what someone else is battling. If you can have the courage to stop yourself from saying hurtful things back and fourth, you could be doing real good under the surface, too.
  3. You have more time to constructively think about the situation: Your family hates your spouse. Your partner cheated on you. Your friend flaked. There are so many immediate reactions I can think of out of situations like this and they’re not pretty, or constructive. I’m not saying that it’s not ok to get mad. Get mad! Just take some very necessary time to yourself to think about it all. Then react with the outcome you truly want in mind.
  4. You might realize that all in all, you don’t care: If someone cut you off or stole the parking spot you had your eye on, what good is YOU boiling your blood going to do? They’re still parked there. They still cut you off. Learning to say f*ck it during a situation as emotionless as this is so much easier than letting yourself get stressed out. Because honestly, you probably won’t care in 20 minutes… if you even remember.
  5. Life is about rolling with the punches: There’s always going to be something to get angry at. It’s not realistic, or necessarily healthy, to live in a world where “everything in your life is perfect all of the time.” The only thing that changes the situation you’re in is YOUR reaction. React with grace. React with truth. React with self-love and respect.

So the next time you feel your blood boiling, remember this one simple tip: F*ck it!

Sam Negrin is the founder of All Good Health and an avid yogi (and RYT) in Los Angeles. She is also the Content Manager of LEAFtv – a fresh, easy to consume, how-to concept covering all things health and wellness.


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