5 Fun Ways to Record Family Events and Memories as a Parent

Nostalgia is a guest that enters unwelcomed and catches you off guard. It will have you reaching out for your old pictures, recorded videos, or even school books. You can revisit the past if you have logged it.

While it was difficult earlier to record and sort, every memory, the technology today can help you with that. There are numerous ways to keep your memories safe and share it with the people for whom it matters.

You can now record family events and memories of your child as you see them grow up in front of your eyes.

Be it first drawing or the first birthday bash, you’ll need exciting ways to record these events and keep it as a window to your past. Something for you and your partner to look back to and smile. Here are some ways you can do it.

1. Photograph It. And Print It

Perhaps, the easiest and the best way to record any family event is to picture it. You can grab a decent point and shoot camera if you think a smartphone is too flimsy for you or even opt for a D-SLR.

The reason behind creating such memories is to allow everyone to look back to good times. Most parents forget where the picture is after clicking it. 

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Also, do not rely on cloud storage entirely. Instead, get a printer to print these pictures. If you think that is too complicated, try Polaroid cameras and pin the best moments on a memory board. For digitally clicked pictures, you can store those in flash drives and connect it to your TV for easy viewing. 

2. Take Videos

When you look to time travel to the past, you also want to get a better sense of belongingness that pictures lack. The animations, those small movements, the voice of a person, and their mannerism goes missing from the pictures. That’s why you’ll need to take videos of family events when creating memories. 

Now, it may happen that you will record a video on your phone or a camera, take it upon your hard drive and systems, and will have a hard time finding it when you want to watch it.

Instead, get a handy USB storage device or a dedicated hard disk. Save all your videos on a single device and you can connect it to your computer or a TV and have your full family to watch it.

3. Journal Events and Add Moments

Perhaps a great way to record memories and also to store meaningfully. Get a journal diary and stick those Polaroid pictures here and write about it. Written words will have a lasting impact when accompanied by photographs.

If you are journaling a birthday party, make sure you highlight when your child first blows the candles or cut the cake the first time. These are the little moments you will cherish when your child grows up.

 Source: Unsplash

Alternatively, you can download the Lugelo app or other such journaling apps that can help you with e-Journaling. With Lugelo, you can add moments to existing journal entries, making it easier for you to navigate the party’s highlight.

The best part is that you can invite your friends and family over the app and share the journal with this closed group. This way, you are creating a lasting record of essential days.

4. Post It on Social Media

Well, most of you would, but there’s a reason why should. Harness the power of social media as they come with the ‘memories’ or ‘archive’ feature that reminds you of a special day and the moments you captured. And since you can tag the people who were present, it gets easy to make everyone the part of your memory.

Moreover, when your child grows up, s/he can revisit these memories on your social profiles and secure your precious memories last longer. This means you can always post it on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also upload the videos on YouTube and keep it private. Of course, you can share the link with the people you want and only those will be able to view it.

The Bottomline

All your special events are essential for the child who will look back to the captured moments with some emotions. And when you are recording these moments, make sure you do it with the right intent of documenting it.

The sense of purpose in creating memories will help you navigate the specific event and the memory associated with it without much effort. Instead of just momentary clicking of pictures and recording videos, go for e-journaling and let your child participate in the process.

Remember, this is not a task but a habit, and eventually, you must cultivate the art of documenting events with a sense of purpose, albeit with a dash of fun involved in it.

Musa Mawanda, Ph. D is a Founder and CEO of Lugelo, Inc., a mobile app for private journals, scrapbooks, biographies and storybooks.


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