44 Ways Being Active Makes You Live a More Happier and Meaningful Life

“Happiness is a state of activity.”―Aristotle

You know that feeling you get of having sporadic moods circulating throughout the day but usually the darker and grayer emotions have a tendency to consume you the most? I am talking about the sad, gloomy, and depressed feelings you wish to swat away.

One side of you depends on the thought of maybe perhaps being in a happier place and waiting for life to somehow change your current situation for the better. While, the other side of you is certain that this will be a recurring feeling that you will not dig yourself out of and living a calm and significant life is not within your reach.

Your mind is powerful that it controls your perception on life, however, what if you were able to ease the mind, allow it to decompress, reset itself, and change your perception so that you live a significant and more meaningful life?

Moving or being active is synonymous with the physical effect of life. Active can be defined as engaged in action, motion, or quite simply being in the state of existence. But regardless of the evident, being active actually develops a synchronization of both your physical and mental state, that if used together this harmonious act will reward you, exponentially and alter your mindset, into a path of pure bliss and happiness.

And as you’re probably aware, life is exhausting as it is. Worn out with your usual daily regimen. Anything involving you being active might seem as a daunting or intimidating task. However, the effects of an active body manifests into a positive and supportive habitat for your mind and perception on life.

The 44 reasons below will serve as awareness to the profound benefits of being active, simply by being active is the bare minimum to discovering the potential connection and integration between the body and mind.

1) It showers you in self-gratification. The thought of overcoming physical limitations or seeing incremental results from an active lifestyle goes a long way in boosting your confidence and overall self appreciation, that’s vital for a positive outlook.

2) Embedding a schedule and an importance around being active adds structure to your life by developing an understanding of what it means to commit yourself to something meaningful and reapplying it into other areas of your life.

3) It removes you from life’s worries. When you’re exercising, jogging, or performing any form of activity there’s no time to bring your worries with you. The only thing you focus on is the task at hand.

4) Staying active trains you to participate in other endeavors. You’re happy when you healthy. When you can attend a sporting activity with friends, go out and enjoy a day with your significant other or simple engage in play with you kids or grand-kids, life becomes more enjoyable.

5) In the process of being active you acquire humility and you respect your limitations. Your body has limitations and while you goals for activeness might range from moderate to difficult, you will understand when you have plateaued. Its great to reach your limits only to scale back and push even further the next go around.

6) You acquire a determination to set goals for yourself, resist temptations, and take action. These are all are traits learned through the commitment of being active and helps acquire self-control.

7) Being mobile is fun, enjoyable and full of lighthearted pleasures. By wholeheartedly absorbing all the delights that an active lifestyle can offer, you tap into utilizing all of your senses and reward your health by doing something that makes you feel young again.

8) It allow you to concentrate and stay mentally sharp for any tasks at hand through mobility and activeness, in addition to creating growth of new brain cells and the prevention of age-related decline.

9) An increase in energy levels and mental sharpness are both outcomes of being active, which in turn boosts productivity.

10) Integrating a mobile lifestyle helps control your addictions. Your brain experiences a chemical reward when you exercise and increases dopamine production, the same chemical drugs or other addictions secret. This special chemical plus exercise will help rebuild toxic damage to your brain and help gear you in the right direction in life.

11) Staying active enhances your creativity. There’s a strong correlation between creative expression and your well being, mainly in the form of thinking more broadly on possible solutions versus fixating on just individual pieces. This increase in solutions gives a sense of possible outcomes in life that creates substantial happiness.

12) The effort you put into being consistent by being active teaches you how to you stay focused. That same focus you acquire can be translated into other desires and aspirations that are of value to you.

13) Small steps or drenched in sweat, starting is the first step and the gradual shift in your body over time improves your body image. Positive body image is linked to positive self-image, self-confidence, and love. However, during this process you also learn to appreciate all of your capabilities and accept your imperfections as well.

14) It uplifts your mood. When you are active, not only do you release stress, but you take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. This conscious effort of self determination and success is linked positive emotions.

15) Good moderate exercising prevents you from getting ill. It works on a number of scales but generally physical activity help your body’s immune system cells fight diseases. Knowing how secure you are and the level of protection you have keeps you healthy and happy and wildly energetic to enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

16) Being active boosts your appetite which in turn assists with becoming reacquainted with proper eating habits and the enjoyment of eating. By making a conscious effort in staying healthy you eat the right foods that compliment the right brain chemistry for an optimal mental health.

17) You learn how to live like a kid again. Usually when you think of a child the first thought that comes to mind is of one running up and down as a ball of energy. You work your way to become nimble and exercising again connects you to your youth and makes you feel young again.

18) Energy increases while you’re groggy tireless old self decreases which lessens your feeling of fatigue. The more energy to release the more you can do what you love.

19) Being healthier is correlated to increases in sex drive and satisfaction in life. The following are just some of the benefits of a have a healthy sex life and its correlation to happiness: stress relief, it is an emotional process, it keeps your hormones balanced, and keeps you connected to instinctual human behavior.

20) Increases your endorphins. When you’re being active you let out stress. In return your brain releases endorphins or feel-good emotions.

21) An active body requires a spacious area. Going out to release some energy allows you to embrace nature, which may soothe the mind and research proves that it changes the complexity of your mind in ways that improve your mental health.

22) It integrates the mind with the body. There is a loving and harmonious relationship between the two that is beautiful. One compliments the other and most of what is physically accomplished is done so with the integrity of your mind.

23) Adding a dedicated hobby like running or jogging can change the dull routine in your life, add an interesting dynamic, which in turn makes life more invigorating.

24) Physical intervention can sharpen your memory. There a strong connection with good memory being more optimistic, more hopeful about life, and more confident.

This in turn allows you to cope with problems and adjust to situations both professionally and with relationships.

25) You mark a baseline of acceptance and you appreciate where you’ve came from to be where you want to be.

26) It alleviates anxiety. Physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people.

27) Have you noticed how irritable life is when you don’t get the amount of rest you would like? There are many adverse physical effects that are attributed to lack of sleep, even more so, sleep quality is the single most influential factor in rating your mood. The effort in being active will improve your sleeping patterns.

28) It can reduce stress. Being active benefits mental health by allowing the brain to cope better with stress and anxiety.

29) How would it feel if you could get through your day in a physically easier way? Exercise and active will supplement you with strength, cardiovascular fitness and agility so that life’s challenges become easier.

30) It gives you an abundance of energy. There’s energy inside of you. Even as you go deep into the workings of your atoms, it is just energy waves. Exercising gives off energy inside of you that contributes to liveliness and spiritedness.

31) It helps reduce feelings of depression. Exercise boosts your outlook by helping you return to meaningful activity and providing a sense of accomplishment.

32) Activity is critical for cognitive functioning which nurtures your brain to stay fit.

33) Rallying others to join you is not difficult since it can also be beneficial to them. Working out together in a social gathering will only strengthen your social networks, which is shown to make you feel fortunate to have others that want to spend their time with you.

34) You grow a feeling of certainty in life and you know you will be fine no matter what.

35) The feeling of reaching your goals, surpassing what you once believed was a physical limitation and have the sense of accomplishments steadily builds your self-esteem.

36) Prevents cognitive decline. As you age, your brain also starts aging. Your brain shrinks, which loses many important brain functions in the process. An active body fights and protects against a brain under cognitive decline.

37) Your dedication can inspire others and promote social awareness. Your pursue of physical enlightenment does not happen in a bubble. Studies have also shown that social backing increases the odds of both commitment and peer inspiration.

38) It’s never easy to stay with a program, let alone a program or regimen that involves stressing your body. However this constant approach of staying with a fitness schedule teaches you to withstand adversity and reinforces your resilience.

39) The ability to start a routine, adjust to the physical stress and get acclimated gives you the determination to continue pushing further in life and break new boundaries, which builds and cultivates adaptation.

40) It eliminates your dependency on external rewards. You soon discover a new appreciation for your health, your happiness and with what is relevant in your life today.

41) Adaptation and gaining knowledge through active movements harnesses your learning abilities. Being engaged in doing and learning new things coincide with the uptick in your well-being and sets forth your contentment.

42) You appreciate your successes rather than compare it to the accomplishments of others. Rather than observe and try to compare yourself to what others have accomplished you become truly satisfied with your own accomplishments and tap into your self-worth.

43) By stressing the body by means of exercise and activeness, you raise the quality of your life. Your breaths become deeper, outlooks are clearer, and you have a revitalizing and refreshing new aspect to your life.

44) You gain more mental resilience. Keeping up with a physical regimen and the effort that goes along with it isn’t an easy feat. The more you push yourself physically, the tougher you become mentality, which toughens your mental adaptability for other situation life hands to you.

Now if you’re currently living an active life, great! Continue and enjoy the subtle changes but if you’re not, just know this…it’s not so much the amount of effort but the start of it that is important, be consistent and the rest will follow.

You will gradually work closer to establishing an enlightenment and well-being in your life. It all starts with working on small incremental changes that have lasting effects.

Reward your body and it will reward your mind.


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