4 Reasons to Support Sustainability

When President Biden entered office, he enhanced the national sustainability standards. As we develop an eco-friendly infrastructure, we adopt new technologies and systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Society may accept the alterations without understanding the expansive benefits.

By exploring sustainability’s advantages, individuals are more likely to support the transition away from fossil fuels. Utilizing electric appliances, adopting an eco-friendly diet, eliminating fast fashion purchases and more can shrink one’s carbon footprint while enhancing savings. Over time, sustainable commercial and individual practices can improve ecological conservation and the global economy.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a buzzword in the media. Though many associate the word with positive connotations, few understand the extent of its definition. Sustainable products, behaviors and activities meet consumer needs without altering future generations’ access to resources.

They promote environmental, societal and economic wellbeing while supporting the modern lifestyle. Companies develop non-polluting products reliant on renewable resources to transition society’s reliance away from ecologically degrading materials. Sustainable products, technology and practices can increase one’s financial savings, decrease health risks, expand biodiversity and conserve global resources.

1. Increasing Financial Savings

Many individuals adopt sustainable lifestyles because of the financial benefits. One method of increasing ecological conservation is reducing plastic pollution. When inadequately disposed of, the pollutant travels to the ocean, breaking down into microplastics.

Aquatic species ingest microplastics, mistaking them for food. The pollution works its way up to the food chain, invading each sector until it reaches humanity. Individuals can reduce plastic waste by growing their own food.

The majority of plastic consumption derives from grocery store packaging. When you develop food at home, you eliminate the need for containers. The sustainability measure also increases cost savings.

The conventional household spends over 4,600 dollars annually on groceries. Planting a fruit and vegetable garden can significantly lower one’s yearly costs. You can additionally increase your savings by installing energy-efficient appliances.

Homeowners are installing smart devices to increase their properties’ efficiency rates. The majority of the U.S. energy supply derives from fossil fuels, generating greenhouse gas emissions during combustion. Smart appliances can significantly decrease the production of emissions by limiting one’s energy reliance.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems utilize the most energy of any home feature. Smart thermostats significantly increase a system’s electricity consumption using motion detection sensors and Wi-Fi connections. The device evaluates the occupancy of a room and adjusts the temperature accordingly for efficiency.

It also gathers real-time weather readings, turning a system off during cool summer nights. Over time, the reduction in energy use can increase one’s utility savings while decreasing atmospheric degradation.

Individuals can also enhance the sustainability of their consumption patterns by thrifting. Purchasing new items is expensive and environmentally harmful. Researchers conclude producing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt takes 20,000 liters of fresh water.

Consumers can eliminate water exploitation by purchasing used clothes. Thrifting also reduces the number of emissions associated with a given article. Used items are considerably less expensive, increasing a customer’s savings over time.

2. Decreasing Health Risks

Utilizing alternate forms of travel also improves environmental sustainability. The transportation industry produces 29% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Air pollution develops ground-level ozone and smog, causing adverse health effects.

During inhalation, emissions increase one’s risk of developing lung cancer. They also cause frequent asthma attacks, coughing and premature death. Limiting your production of air pollution can preserve your and your family’s health.

Eating a sustainable diet also increases an individual’s health and wellbeing. Wild-caught salmon contains high levels of calcium, zinc, iron and potassium. Eco-consciously grown produce also improves one’s health by decreasing their consumption of pesticides.

3. Enhance biodiversity

Limiting your purchase of pesticide and synthetic fertilizer-reliant foods can improve local biodiversity rates. When farmers use toxic additives on their plants, they contribute to eutrophication. During rainstorms, water carries the pollutants off a farm and into the ocean.

The nitrogen-rich materials promote algal blooms, depleting aquatic oxygen levels. As levels drop, regions become uninhabitable, displacing species. Without abundant food supplies and protection, many marine creatures face endangerment and extinction.

Purchasing sustainable products also enhances biodiversity. Palm oil and red meat production create deforestationeffects. Purchasing items without the ingredients can significantly increase the stability of forest habitats.

4. Improving Resource Longevity

As the Earth’s temperature increases, water conservation challenges arise. An enhanced evaporation rate is a direct climate change effect depleting freshwater supplies. Without water, our access to agricultural development decreases.

The rate of dehydration will also rise with water displacement. Currently, over 884 million individuals lack access to clean drinking water. We must focus on increasing sustainability measures, enhancing global supplies.

Similarly, as the temperature rises, the ocean becomes acidic. The alteration causes coral bleaching, destroying marine species’ habitats, food supplies and protection methods. Individuals can expand future generations’ access to seafood by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Melting glaciers and water displacement also increase sea levels. We may already notice cost lines dissipating and beaches becoming submerged. Reducing the enhanced greenhouse effect by improving the sustainability of our lifestyles can preserve beaches for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Where to Start

When you are ready to improve your sustainability, you can start by calculating your carbon footprint. Once you unveil your least eco-friendly behaviors, you can alter your lifestyle and access the benefits. Remaining up-to-date on environmental news is also essential to sustainability, attaining the least ecologically harmful lifestyle. 

Kara Reynolds is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Momish Magazine. Mom and step mom living her best life while managing anxiety and normalizing blended families. She enjoys pilates, podcasts, and a nice pinot grigio. 


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