30 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams in 30 minutes a Day

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Your life’s too busy for your dreams.

In this rushed world of family and work, who has time for dreams, when we have rent and commute to deal with?

If your dream is ambitious and big, it will require more of your time.

But you don’t have to fear the lack of time and allow it to paralyze you.

While there’s only so much time each day, the best way to work on your dreams is in small increments.

You don’t have to spend 10 hours a day or be a millionaire to pursue your dreams.

You just need to spend 30 minutes a day working on what you’re passionate about and what truly matters to you.

These 30 daily practices will inspire you, keep you accountable and allow you to work on your dream.

Here are 30 ways to achieve your dreams in 30 minutes a day:

1) Read a book.

If you don’t have clarity on your dreams, you can pick up a book about business, the arts or even autobiographies to get inspired.

If you are certain on your dream, read how-to books to figure out how to achieve your dreams.

30 minutes a day of reading will allow you to read several books over the course of a year.

2) Sketch, draw or paint.

It doesn’t matter what your artistic skill is but why not dedicate 30 minutes to doing work that makes your heart sing?

Set up your work table and turn the timer on to do 30 minutes of art daily.

Not only will it be good for your spirit, but it will be good for your art and bringing your dreams alive.

3) Write 500 words.

If you’re a writer, work on your writing.

The best place to showcase your work is on a blog.

But you don’t have to have your writing public. Write 500 words a day as you draft your novel, manuscript or autobiography.

You have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it.

4) Read blogs.

There are blogs dedicated to each profession, passive income blogs and blogs about creative pursuits.

Blogs can show you how to write better, inspire you to pursue your art and show you how others have followed their dreams.

If you’re interested in pursuing a dream that no one blogs about, maybe it’s time for you to start one?

5) Craft a poem.

Does your mind think in words and images?

Can you write down your poetic inspiration daily?

Think of a person, happening or interaction from the day and allow your poetic ability to capture the moment.

6) Listen to a business podcast.

There are some excellent podcasts out there that will guide you on your dream including the Smart Passive Income blog, the Unmistakable Creative, or the Art of Breaking Out.

7) Listen to your favorite motivational speaker.

Your favorite motivational speaker is now available on audio books, Youtube videos and even podcasting sites.

No better way to spend your commute time than listening to motivational talk and inspirational ideas to get going on your dreams.

8) Take a photo.

Take a photo a day to pursue your dream of becoming a photographer.

You can post your daily photo on Facebook, Flickr or Instagram to get immediate feedback from your friends.

9) Take an online course.

You can take an online course for pretty much any interest you have.

If you’re interested in becoming a better blogger, take a blogging course.

IF you’re interested in becoming a better food photographer, take a photo course.

Get better at branding? There’s a course for that.

Social media expert? Yes! (None of these links are affiliate links)

10) Watch a TED talk.

Learn about creativity, leadership and solving problems.

Ted talks vet their speakers and only deliver the highest quality content.

Watch Ted talks to feel inspired or get ideas about how to pursue your dreams. Enjoy these top 20 Ted talks here.

11) Visualize.

See it first in your mind and then watch it unfold in your life.

Spend a few minutes a day imagining what it would like and feel like if your dreams came true.

See it in your mind’s eye. This is an exercise you can do a few minutes before bed or when you wake up.

12) Go for a run.

Running is an aerobic exercise that gets your blood flowing and puts your mind on a creative high.

Run for exercise. Run for health. Run for creativity. Run for discipline. Run to form a habit.

Allow running to catapult your dreams to reality.

13) Journal.

If you’re not sure what your dreams are or what your purpose in life is, ask yourself.

Sit down and write down your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Go back and read them occasionally. You’ll be surprised that you knew the answers after all.

14) Raise your hand.

If you don’t know if a dream is right for you or not, raise your hand and volunteer.

Give your time freely to causes, businesses or services you see yourself doing.

If you’re interested in building a social media empire, start first with a volunteer gig for a local charity.

If you’re intent on becoming a world-famous speaker, volunteer to give speeches at your local Toastmasters club.

15) Coffee with creative people.

A half hour coffee chat with creative or entrepreneurial friends will spark ideas and allow your dreams to take shape.

16) Practice silence.

We hear so much and process too much.

Why not give your mind some down time to reflect and think about how to go about achieving your desires in life.

Try mindfulness, prayer, meditation or periods of silence during the day.

17) Practice your instrument.

If you’re a musician or just someone with musical abilities, pick up your instrument to play your instrument daily.

Music will awaken your creative spirit and inspire action.

18) Sell your stuff on Amazon or Ebay.

Business is ultimately about buying and selling.

If you’re planning to become a millionaire entrepreneur, why not learn the basics of supply, demand and order fulfilment by testing out the waters with selling the stuff you no longer want.

19) Coach a friend.

Are you an expert or have a passion about a field?

Are you a business consultant or corporate trainer at work? Accountant, lawyer, photographer, blogger or artist?

Regardless of what you do, you have information and skills to help others.

Consult, coach or help a friend or colleague.

Can you see yourself coaching your way to your dreams?

20) Spend time with a kid.

I don’t know what it is about kids but they spark the creativity, freedom and possibility in me.

Have a kid in your life you can spend some time with?

Teach, learn, or simply hang out with one and you’ll be inspired.

21) Attend a local lecture.

There are free lectures about topics you care about happening all around you by authors, professors and businesspeople.

Find and attend a community lecture to learn more about a field of interest.

22) Offer a service on Fiverr.

Build your business empire by taking on small tasks or offering your skills on Fiverr.

Each service you offer is 5 bucks but with add-ons and offering multiple services, it begins to add up.

23) Hike in nature.

Disengage with the world and go into nature.

You’ll get more creative, have better ideas and feel more inspired when you’re done with your hike.

24) Learn a foreign language.

You can talk it up with a bilingual friend or hire an online tutor and practice via skype.

A second language can open up a whole new world of possibilities and introduce you to people and cultures. Your dreams may begin in a new continent altogether.

25) Read up on countries you’d like to visit.

If your dreams include travel, read travel books on different countries.

Figure out where you’d like to go, how much it costs and how to get around the country.

26) Try out a new recipe.

Why not try out your hand at baking or cooking a dish?

Are you the next Julia Childs?

Or will your recipe lead to you hosting a dinner party that can change your life?

27) Sing in the shower.

You don’t have to sing in the shower but sing. Sing and be heard.

You might not make the American Idol cut. Or you just might.

28) Brainstorm 10 new ideas daily.

Start every morning concocting ten new ideas for yourself or your friends.

The ideas can range from life advice to business advice.

This is one way you can become an idea machine.

Check out this post by James Altucher on how you can become an idea machine.

29) Take an improvisation class.

You don’t have to go to Hollywood but improv acting allows you to become a better public speaker, improve your body language and become more confident.

30) Garden.

Grow your garden, then grow your ideas.

There’s so many similarities between growing roses and growing your ideas.

A few minutes daily in your garden can also help spark ideas and bring your dreams alive.

You may not have all the time in the world but if you create small daily habits for 30 minutes a day, you’ll be much farther along on achieving your dreams.

Don’t let the excuse of time stop you from achieving what’s possible.

What will you do for 30 minutes today? Let me know in the comments below. 

Vishnu coaches people to transition to more meaningful work and live a more purposeful life. For the ebook, “11 ways to discover your highest purpose and transition out of your profession”, visit www.vishnusvirtues.com


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