Monthly Archives: June 2021

Cat-astrophizing: Why Expecting the Worst is Bad For Your Mental Health

Expecting the worst is now just a way of torturing ourselves. Here’s how to process in a health way. Continue reading

5 Out Of The Ordinary Ways Yoga Keeps You Fit

From building stamina to dealing with stress and depression, yoga can be the best friend to save your day. Continue reading

When You Love Your Job, Success Will Follow

The truth is, one of the keys to success is to actually love what you do. This doesn’t mean that you have to love every aspect of your job all the time, of course. Continue reading

Beating Social Comparison: How I Found “Enough” In 4 Ways

The worst part of social comparison is that it kills the joy out of all the existing achievements. You might be standing on the greenest grass and still want a slice of what your neighbor has. Continue reading

3 Ways To Add To Your Mental Health Toolbox

take some time today and think about a few areas you start focusing on each day to better your mental health. Continue reading

6 Ways Our Bodies Try to Tell Us Something is Wrong

Your body is a pretty incredible specimen, if you think about it. So many different systems work in tandem to keep you alive and well. Continue reading