Monthly Archives: May 2016

6 Ways To Deal With Rejection Positively

So what can one do in order to keep marching on despite ridicule and rejection? Well here are six tips that can be immensely useful. Continue reading

How to Never Quit Learning Something New

Learning something new is never easy.

We’re often comfortable with what we already know, and entering the unknown can make many of us feel uncertainty, whether we’re learning a new language, new sport, or activity. Continue reading

5 Reasons I Think About Death As Often As I Can

I don’t know why I’m here, if there even exists a why in the first place. I simply know that I am. And because I am, I have things to do. Death motivates me to do these things when I become apathetic and begin to procrastinate on my duties. Continue reading

7 Steps to Repair Your Relationship

if your relationship is built on a strong foundation it will be possible to find a way to fix it. Here are seven steps that can help to repair your relationship. Continue reading

3 Techniques for Using Swimming as Moving Meditation

You’ve likely used a pool countless times for fun or exercise. However, using a pool for moving meditation requires a different approach. Here are three techniques to try out moving meditation in water: Continue reading

7 Common Emotions Not Worth Our Energy

​Through out the day, we experience a rich variety of emotion as we respond to the situations we find ourselves in. Some of these emotions, unfortunately, aren’t worth the energy we give them. Continue reading