Monthly Archives: December 2014

Three Uses Of NLP in Everyday Life

The NLP concept of ‘state’ is one I find useful in many situations. By ‘state’ we mean the emotional, intellectual imaginative and physical condition we are in at any given time. Continue reading

3 Steps to Improve More by Learning Less

There are so many books, articles, events, speakers, and armchair therapists, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With this in mind, it’s much better to improve more by learning less. Continue reading

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New Years Resolution: Eat More Fiber And Lose Fat Faster

Looking to get more fiber in your fat loss diet plan? If you want to lose weight, and you probably do this new year, fiber is a critical element. Continue reading

9 Quotes by Will Smith to Inspire You to Live Life Your Own Way

You’d be surprised how much you can learn from him when it comes to living your life your own way to attain the success you deserve.

Here’s 9 quotes by Will Smith to inspire you to live life your own way Continue reading

One Priceless Gift You Can Give To Your Loved Ones

During the holiday season, most of us are all busy shopping for our loved ones. And as much as I love any occasion where we are celebrating life, or a tradition that brings the human spirit together in celebration. Continue reading

2 Powerful Tips You Can Use Now To Live Longer

What if a simple change in your perception could significantly improve your health?

In this article I’ll share with you 2 powerful tips that you can immediately adopt in order to live longer. Continue reading