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self improvement tips

5 Things To Expect When You Quit Your Day Job And Follow Your Purpose

In retrospect, I guess I didn’t expect anything different. Because following your purpose and starting your own business is not a common occurrence. r

self improvement tips

10 Signs You Are Living Your Life On Cruise Control

When you are in cruise control, just like when you are driving your car on cruise, you don’t really have to think. r

self improvement tips

5-Step Process for Dealing with Negative Thoughts

You can say the right thing, when you think the wrong thing. You can act positive in the face of negative thoughts. r


Three Ways You Can Tell It’s Time to Upskill

Some people are lucky and their organization provides a steady diet of professional development opportunities. r

Embrace Fear

Why Failing Is Good

You learn from your mistakes and know what to do next time so that you increase your chances at success. Reframe your thinking to embrace the fear of failure. r

8 Little Known Factors Damaging Your Success Right Now

If you’ve got stuck on your journey to success, one of these factors might have been the problem. r