Monthly Archives: June 2013

7 Ways To Win At Making First Impressions

First impressions often times set the stage for an entire relationship, or lack thereof, and if you can learn how to master them you’ll start seeing better results all across the board. Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Yourself Up Over Something from the Past

I’ll be the first person to admit that I’ve done things in the past I’m not proud of. I think most people can say that. Even if you always try to be a good person, you can end up doing something bad once in a while.

Sometimes it’s hard to look back on those past actions and rationalize them away. They can stick in your mind and make you feel bad. Continue reading

The Only Way to Improve Your Situation is to Improve Yourself

Self-improvement is multifaceted. To improve yourself, you must consider every aspect of the word self. This means improving your mind, your body, and your soul. This article will discuss ways to improve each. Continue reading


5 Benefits of Speaking Less and Listening More

If you find the opportunity to raise an issue with someone in the future, pay attention to the way in which you speak. Are you listening to what the other person has to say?

Try speaking less and listening more. It has its benefits. Continue reading

7 Ways Structure Your Day to Maximize Fulfillment and Productivity

Begin your day with a goal in mind. Take time to think about your passion and purpose. Write down your goal for the day Continue reading

What If I Told You There’s No Such Thing as Failure?

We live in a world in which we’ve been taught that we’re constantly being judged.

From the moment we begin to understand language we’re taught that our actions must be approved by those around us. Continue reading