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What Common Self Esteem Exercise Can Actually Affect You Negatively??

You’ve probably read over and over (ad nauseam) about the power affirmations and positive self-speak have. Pick up a number of resources or talk to the experts and chances are you will hear about them in some form.

While I am one who strongly supports optimism, ambition, and aspirations, often there is something very important that is left out of the conversation when talking about affirmations. Continue reading

You Are The Problem: Are You Willing to do What it Takes to be Happy?

I woke up one day a few years later and felt miserable with my life. There were so many other things in the world to see and do. Yet I had already achieved my childhood dream, what else could there possibly be?

Looking back, I think it was around that time a shift happened in my soul and perspective about life; that regardless of what I achieved, I would always feel unsatisfied.

Life became something to endure, not live and love. Continue reading

7 Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day

Some days, just don’t seem to go right. Maybe you get into an argument with your partner, or end up yelling at the kids. Or perhaps work goes badly — you make a silly mistake, or accidentally delete the file you were working on. Whatever the cause, the result is the same: you end up feeling fed up, stressed out, and unhappy.
It’s easy to let a few frustrating incidents turn into a thoroughly bad day, too; perhaps you come home from work in a bad mood and end up feeling sulky all evening. But there’s no need to feel miserable all day long. Continue reading

7 Ultimate Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the strand of confidence which exclusively deals with the self-assuredness in one’s personal judgment, ability, and power. It therefore is the most important sort of confidence because deprived of it we are simply left without a backbone.

That’s why whenever I write articles I always emphasize self-confidence because everything you ever do is built on this foundation. Continue reading

3 Ways to be the Architect of Your Own Life

Your vision can literally serve as your blueprint for the future. Your ability to walk into the life that you crave depends on the future you see. That’s because anything exceptional that you attempt is often birthed with a vision. It’s the vision that inspires hope when the struggle gets too hard and when calamity becomes all too familiar. That’s why it’s important to not bankrupt your future with a limited vision Continue reading

12 Steps to Unleashing the Power of your Dreams into Your Waking Life

If at first you do not dream on command, don’t worry, just keep persisting. One night you will dream something and you will need your pencil and pad to note it down.

Sometimes we dream about debris from an over full mind that does not warrant much attention. And sometimes we dream about really significant thoughts and feelings that have been repressed and seek the clarity of consciousness.

Working with your dreams is a skill that can be developed by practicing. Continue reading