Monthly Archives: October 2010

How Wanting Something with Your Whole Being Makes it a Reality

Everyone has dreams and goals in their lives. But most don’t believe that it is possible possible or don’t want them enough to care. To succeed you need to harness you dreams into an obsession, a burning desire that allows you to push yourself further then you every could without. Continue reading

Why You Need to Pick Up Your Tortoise (and Run With It)

Sometimes the sheer number of different tasks can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of despair as you wonder whether you’ll ever achieve anything. I know from experience that it isn’t a pleasant feeling. Continue reading

Are You a Mental Slave or a Mental Master?

When people say they are stuck I know they are not ACTUALLY stuck, they have just believed themselves into a corner that they have no options.

I’m going to let you into one of the secrets of running your own brain.

You can always step back and question the belief you think you can’t question or change. Continue reading

Finding the Right Time to Speak Your Mind

In some situations, it is better to keep your thoughts and ideas to yourself, rather than broadcasting them for the world to hear. This is not to say that your opinions are not valid but to illustrate that there is an appropriate time and place to air your views. Continue reading

How to Build Self Esteem Forever

Self-esteem is the way you judge and look at yourself. Some people believe that their appearance will enhance their level of self-esteem, but in reality, having high self-esteem comes from the ability to see yourself special and unique all the time. Continue reading

How To Motivate Your Self for Weight Loss

Because they lack one very important ingredient of a successful weight loss and that is motivation. Motivation is the most significant factor if you ever decide to lose weight because without it, you’ll just end up frustrated and depressed. Continue reading