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10 Must Read Tips for Newbie Freelancers

New freelancers often have set their sights on ambitious goals: how well your life goes now depends solely on you. Among your new challenges are project management, bookkeeping, time management and relationship building. Continue reading

Top 10 Web & Facebook Games That Will Make You Smarter

The good news is that online games do not necessarily mean brain decay. Indeed, you could actually get a little help boosting your brain power for your university assignments with a little help from the casual games you play online and via Facebook. Continue reading

Meditation You Can Actually Perform

Meditation helps. Meditation heals. And we all know that. But the problem arises when we realize we must meditate but don’t have time enough for that. Continue reading

7 Must Read Success Lessons from Stephen Covey

Covey believes that success occurs when you align your values with the universal and timeless principles that exist in our world. Covey teaches that values govern people’s behavior, but principles ultimately determine the consequences. Continue reading

4 Ways to Turn Failure into Success

The word failure is so often misinterpreted. Failing doesn’t mean that you have failed. It is an opportunity to learn on your path to success.

No one ever succeeds on their first attempt, they always face situations they didn’t expect and often end up somewhere completely different then they initially thought. Continue reading

10 Ways to Lose Weight and Improve Your Self Esteem

Experts say that people with low self-esteem tend to eat more; this is how their defense mechanism works and they do not have the willpower needed to exercise and lose the extra weight. This means, that if you are serious to shed the excess pounds, you should start in conditioning your mind first. Continue reading