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The New ABC’s of Success: Always Be Creating

In every economic crisis, there have been those individuals who have emerged from the aftermath even more financially secure. Luck has something to do with it, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In order to rise up and get ahead, you need to shift paradigms. You need a new way to look at and interact with the world. Fortunately, it’s as simple as re-learning your ABCs. Continue reading

reaching goals

The Goals Shortcut: Getting What You Want—Right Now

When I work with clients to focus on the new feeling they want to create, they find a wealth of options for getting there, including many that are available right now.

This is what I call “The Goals Shortcut” and its awesome power is that it allows you to feel the way you want to feel right now – not way off in the distant future after a goal has been achieved. Continue reading


7 Simple Strategies For Instant Confidence

Let me be clear: I don’t believe in instant confidence as a permanent cure for confidence issues. I think what works in the long run is changing the thinking patterns and belief system which feed insecurities. And this cannot be done in an instant. It take times and persistent action.

I do however believe there are often situations when you don’t have the time to build confidence by addressing the roots and you need an instant boost for your confidence. There are strategies for this, which work a lot like a patch over a wound, with a temporary but also positive effect. This is why from my perspective, this discussion makes sense. Continue reading


What Animals Can Teach Us About Reaching Our Goals

You might think that the reason I chose such a title was to grab your attention but the truth is that several experiments have been conducted on animals with the purpose of discovering how the brain works and how the results can be used to improve humans life.

Many animals have similar systems to the ones we have, and by applying the results of some of the experiments done on animals to human beings have uncovered several methods of improving human life. Continue reading

Big Goals

The Danger of Setting Big Goals

Big goals can become a double-edged sword. Big can get you off the couch, but it can also create frustration: I’m in the battle for my life, struggling in the trenches, getting shot at, and you want me to focus on winning the war? I don’t think so. How about focusing how to survive the next 24 hours? Continue reading

Is Social Networking Bad for You?

Using part of your other 8 hours on social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can build your human capital, but social networking has a dark side that can stifle creativity and foster narrow-mindedness if you’re not careful. Continue reading