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How Many Goals Do You Have?

Right now, how many goals do you have? How many big projects and ventures are you involved with? Whether they’re related to your career, your family, your community activities or your personal life, have a quick think through them. r

10 Ways To Conquer Fear of Public Speaking

The most common phobia people have is the “Fear of public speaking”. Some people dread public speaking even more than death. Most of us live with this fear throughout our lives. Being an underrated skill we fail to get proper guidance to overcome our stage fright. As schools and colleges do not provide any training on public speaking, most of us lack the confidence to speak in public when we reach adulthood. r

Breaking Through

The Importance of ‘Breaking Through’

What happens, though, is that most people find themselves stuck in the same, daily pace or routine that feels something like a plateau. Everyday looks the same and feels the same. Even when we dream of something that we want, we get frustrated because we see no advances or improvement towards what we are aiming for in life, and the only option that makes us feel good is just an escape from it all – also known as giving up. r