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You Are Neglecting Your Most Important Relationship

There’s one crucial relationship in your life that I’m pretty sure you’re neglecting. And if you’re one of those people who gives a lot of themselves to others and always drops everything to give a friend a hand, you’re definitely neglecting it. Nope, it’s not your relationship with your partner, your mom, or even your kids. Important as those are, this is even more crucial. It’s a relationship I can guarantee you’ll have from the day you’re born till the day you die.

It’s your relationship with yourself. Continue reading


The Path to Success

Your days are like elevators; they either take you closer to or further away from your goals.

If you’re constantly moving in the direction of your goal with momentum, it is self-evident that the goal will eventually be achieved; it’s only a matter of time. Continue reading

The 7 Keys to Becoming a More Effective Lifelong Learner

Learning is one of the greatest joys in life and it can also be critical to staying employable and keeping our minds healthy as we grow older. Even with the great rewards that learning promises, however, few of us put much thought into how we might be better at it. Continue reading

Web Tools

15 Web Tools to Enhance Language Learning

With the world becoming more culturally diverse everyday, it is becoming increasing important for everyone to learn a new language. Whether you are learning for your career, education, or just want to increase you knowledge of other languages, the Internet provides a wide variety of tools that can enhance your learning experience. Continue reading

When You Don’t Know, You Will Pay The Higher Price

This is why it’s critical to remain a student of life. I’m always looking to learn and expand my mind, I’m always looking for leaders who’ve done what I’m trying to do, so that I can learn what they know.

Leaders are people with the knowledge you need, because they’ve been where you’re trying to go. Hear me out, leaders aren’t necessarily “special,” they don’t “glow in the dark,” or wear a “halo,” leaders are just people who’ve experienced what you’re trying to experience. They’re people who are a little further along the path that you’re traveling, and they have the knowledge to make your trip easier. Continue reading

Are All Your Goals Materialistic Ones?

If you’re reading Pick the Brain, it’s a fair bet that you have goals. You might even have written them down. Perhaps you read them every day, or have them pinned to a notice-board.

How many of those goals are materialistic ones? How many are focus on a dollar amount or a particular purchase? Continue reading