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healthy life

11 Ways to Live Healthier and Save Money

There is a persistent myth that living healthy is only for the well-off. With hundreds of fast food chains proudly boasting long lists of 99 cent menus – it seems like for those living on a budget, fried burgers and … Continue reading

Is It Better To Single-Task or Multi-Task?

photo credit: Dakimapics There are no shortage of ‘experts’ that claim to know the secret of maximum productivity. At first someone will swear that the only way to really get things done is to multi-task: more done, less time. Then … Continue reading

Unproductive Day

How to Turn Around an Unproductive Day

Artwork courtesy of Amy Buchheit Some days, you wake up early, storm through tons of work before lunch, and come to the evening feeling as though you’ve accomplished a lot. For many of us, though, those days are the exception … Continue reading

Good And Bad Emotions: Finding The Perfect Mix

Some people appear to be hopped up on happy pills, being oblivious to any bad events going on around them. Others are all too quick to express their disgust at anything that doesn’t go exactly their way. Could it be … Continue reading

Overcoming Jealousy

6 Sure-Fire Ways To Stop Feeling Jealous

Photo Credit: Niklas Often we see things that others have and wish that we had the same. Or sometimes, if we see somebody who is very happy, we feel a lack of happiness in our own life and feel jealous … Continue reading


4 ‘Musts’ To Stay Committed to Your Diet

Image courtesy of TheDailyGreen Have you ever changed, or tried to change, the way you habitually eat? Most of us connect the word “diet” with “weight loss”, but people adopt particular diets for a number of reasons: these could be … Continue reading