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forgiveness and vision

Personal Growth in 2009 & Beyond

Image courtesy of Eschipul Around this time of the year, it is commonplace to discuss resolutions, goals and objectives for the next year; but I want to do something slightly different. I want to discuss two topics that test our … Continue reading


7 Ways to Discover Deep and Lasting Happiness

Image courtesy of Arwen Abendstern Do you find yourself consistently miserable and stressed? I used to but now even my infamous ‘grumpy-old-man’ moods are underpinned by a strong undercurrent of contentment and joy. Why? Because along the way I have … Continue reading


Living in the Future: The Dangers of Overplanning

Image courtesy of Hamed Masoumi Everywhere on and off the web, people talk about the benefits of planning. Plans help you define your goals, help you determine what tasks are needed and when you need to do them. And plans … Continue reading

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself in 21 Days

Can a mop and a dust cloth bring happiness and luck? Back in August, I picked up a book written by Mr. Mitsuhiro Masuda (in Japanese) who advocates the power of cleaning and decluttering.  He maintains that we can be … Continue reading

feeling depressed

How to Stop Your Thoughts From Making You Depressed

At any given moment, we are held hostage by something we seldom acknowledge—our thoughts. The things we think about the breakup of a romantic relationship, a fight with a friend, or even about something as miniscule as getting a parking … Continue reading

writing tips

A Simple Guide to Effective Communication

We’ve all seen spam emails and hyped-up sales pages that look so sleazy. We see large fonts, boldface, red text, and sometimes even blinking text. Everyone claims to be able to change your life with this one secret you absolutely need. Effortless abundance is there for the taking, but you must ACT NOW because they only have one product left. Continue reading