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How to Use a Day Plan Without Wanting to Stab Your Eyes Out

If you’re a creative type like me — or if you simply have a soul — at some point in your life the thought of day plans and organizers has made you want to hurt someone. (Unless you’re the natural … Continue reading

How to Find Time for New Habits

“I’m too busy to exercise.” Even if it were true, it isn’t a reasonable excuse. Exercise gives you more energy to do work. In many ways, most people are too busy not to exercise. But still, a lot of people … Continue reading

Want To Improve Your Life? Tell A Whopper!

We all know it’s not nice to lie. And most of us realize that, aside from the little white lies that get lumped under the innocuous (and incredibly flexible) heading of “social lubrication,” lying can be both negative and highly … Continue reading

Happy people

21 Habits of Happy People

We’ve all seen people who are always happy – even amidst agonizing life trials. I’m not saying happy people don’t feel grief, sorrow or sadness; they just don’t let it overtake their life. The following are 21 things happy people make a habit of doing Continue reading


7 Tips On How to Handle Rejection In Life

It is inevitable you will be turned down at various points in your life. You may get rejected when applying for a job, making a marriage proposal or asking your boss for a pay raise. It is not a nice … Continue reading

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Is This the Secret to Feeling 100{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c}?

There’s plenty of advice on the web about what to eat and drink, and a lot of it can be more than a bit confusing. What exactly is a “superfood”? Should you be eating a meat-heavy caveman diet or a … Continue reading