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Does Trying to Be Happy Make You Depressed?

Photo by Sister72. According to one source the amount of people seeking treatment for depression has doubled in the last 15 years. Ninety percent of those people left their doctor with a prescription drugs. Clinical depression is a real disease, … Continue reading


Is Your Work Getting in the Way of Your Life?

Despite improving living standards and wages, there is a growing phenomenon of people becoming addicted to working. The workaholic becomes obsessed with work leaving little time and energy for anything else in life. To rely on work for all aspects … Continue reading

Children's dreams

5 Ways To Help Your Children Turn Their Dreams Into Reality

I love working with children. Unlike adults, their dreams have no ceiling. It’s inspiring to listen to their goals and ideas.Children start dreaming at an early age. They think about their future career, their wealth, their education, and so on. … Continue reading

Surviving in a crazy world

How to Survive in this Crazy World

Life is full of pressure. Worries about your health, terrorist threats on the news, financial troubles, conflicts at work and family concerns. Without a center in your life, those pressures are likely to push you around. I’ve found taking time to center myself every day gives me the strength to do my best. Continue reading

Embracing sadness

Embracing the Beauty of Sadness

Sadness is perceived as unnatural and malignant. We’re encouraged to do whatever it takes to stop feeling sad. Frequently this means using anti-depressant drugs or other substances to physically change our mood. Continue reading

brain exercise

Does Your Brain Need An Oil Change?

You probably own a car. Perhaps even a motorbike. One thing is for certain though: if you are reading this you are the proud owner of a brain. Why is it that we care about how to keep our cars … Continue reading