Monthly Archives: January 2008

How Do You Bust a Bad Mood?

Over at the Happiness Project, Gretchen has a great list of online tools you can use to make yourself happier. It includes some a my favorites pastimes, like reading my favorite blogs and interacting with friends and family via social networking utilities.
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The Movie Director’s Guide to Effective Teaching

How many “training sessions” have you sat through where you’re eyes started to roll into the back of your head and you couldn’t stay focused no matter how hard you tried? Continue reading

The Massive Benefits of a Healthy Diet and How to Make Yours Stick

I’m a vegetarian. I also eat virtually no junk food, white bread, soft drinks or caffeine. For most people, living on such a diet seems like an act of self-torture. But this way of eating isn’t the result of extreme self-discipline. Once you know how to redesign your diet, eating healthy foods all the time is easy. Continue reading

How an HIV Positive Man Lived with a Positive Attitude

It was a Tuesday morning in early April 2001. I watched the autumn rain as it trickled down the car window and disappeared into the street. Mr Gordon had chosen me to represent the school at the Free State HIV/AIDS … Continue reading

Check Out WriteToDone, Leo Babauta’s New Blog

For those of you who’ve enjoyed popular PickTheBrain writing posts like George Orwell’s Rules for Effective Writing and How to Write Something Worth Reading, this site will be right up your alley.

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Happiness Without the Hype: What it Really Means and How to Find It

Everyone wants to be happy, and this desire has been exploited to promote everything from products to politics to religious beliefs. This is sort of sad, and more than a bit confusing. It’s no wonder most people have trouble deciding if they are happy or not. Continue reading