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A 3 Step Routine to Boost Energy

How to boost positive energy. Continue reading

101 Online Self Improvement Resources

You can use these online self improvement resources for personal development and growth. Continue reading

10 Ways to Enrich Your Life by Learning Something New

We often get so entrenched in our daily routines that we forget to learn on a daily basis. Lifehacks, GTD, family, work, and social networking are all great ways to grow and enjoy life. They provide new experience and insight while offering endless opportunites for daily learning. Continue reading

The 3 Levels of Critical Thinking Skill

William Golding explains the 3 levels of critical thinking skill. Continue reading

Write for

After 7 months as the sole content creator for, I’ve decided to open up the site to other writers. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time (it wasn’t an easy decision), but I’m confident it’s the right … Continue reading

How to Maximize Your Day Job While Creating a 4 Hour Work Week

Now that we’ve had time to digest the ideas, the powerful logic behind The 4-Hour work Week is impossible to ignore. Who wouldn’t want to trade those monotonous days under neon lights in a beige windowless room for a backpacking trip through the Alps or a crash course in SCUBA diving? Continue reading