Monthly Archives: February 2007

Don’t Pass Up this Opportunity for Easy Money

If someone told you they’d pay you for brushing your teeth, you would pay attention right? Money doesn’t come much easier, because brushing your teeth is something you already do for free (I hope). This opportunity isn’t quite as easy, … Continue reading

The Two Essential Components of Phenomenal Success

If you examine the individuals, organizations, and movements that have achieved phenomenal success, you will note that success is realized by the work of hundreds or thousands of people. Yet the core of every phenomenal success is a Vision that … Continue reading

News Flash: If You Think That You’re Going to Make Money Off a Blog You’re Fooling Yourself

Is There Any Money for the Little Blogger? In the past two days I’ve been contemplating two important ideas that make me feel very uncomfortable about what I’ve done and what I plan to do with this site. This is … Continue reading

How We Really Learn

Do you think we learn from mistakes? We don’t. Not when we’re told we’re making a mistake. Not when we know we’re making a mistake. Not even when the mistakes we’re making negatively affect our lives. (Just ask smokers about … Continue reading

Inspirational Quote #5 by Ernest Hemingway

What is moral is what you feel good after, and what is immoral is what you feel bad after. -Hemingway As trivial as it may seem, it is often difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong. Most judgments … Continue reading

Why You Should Never Give to the Poor

A short story that explains why you should help the poor instead of giving to the poor. Continue reading