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Inspirational Quote #3 by Pablo Picasso

-Pablo Picasso

Often times we know what we want to do in a general sense, but we aren’t quite sure where to start. We sit around waiting for the right opportunity but it never comes. When you find yourself in this position DO SOMETHING. DO ANYTHING. You will probably make mistakes and have to start over, but by acting you build a foundation of knowledge, gain experience, and make contacts. One venture leads to another, and before you know it, that opportunity you’re dreaming of presents itself. If you sit around and wait, you will always be waiting. If you really want something get in the game and start making moves. Continue reading

5 Great Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

5 reasons to enrich your life by learning a foreign language. Continue reading

Read Old Books to Think Great Thoughts

The common perception of old books is that they are antiquated and useless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Continue reading

Improve Your Personal Effectiveness by Finding Balance


Could you believe that the ideal person is never the best at anything? Our heads are so full of delusions about wealth and power that we run ourselves ragged trying to out do each other. We spin our wheels until we burn ourselves out and are left hopeless and exhausted. Continue reading

5 Reasons the Internet has Become the Ideal Creative Medium

1. Collaboration – Because of the internet collaboration is possible between individuals in opposite corners of the globe. The increased sharing of ideas and information speeds up the creative process and results in better, faster, more innovative ideas. The collective human intelligence is overclocked like never before. Continue reading

Einstein’s Theory of Religion

An explanation of Einstein’s position on religion — the cosmic religious feeling. Continue reading