11 Surprising Things Productive Writers Do Differently

Robert Greene, Napoleon Hill, William Shakespeare and many others are great writers of all times.  It is obvious that there is something common among all of them; far beyond “sitting down and engaging in the act of writing” that makes them unique. Productive writers usually perform beyond limits. It is interesting to know that some things they do very differently, and other writers in their field do not pay attention to, are what make them exceptionally different. What makes them unique and exceptional among all writers?

The following surprising things are what they do differently, and have successfully placed them above other writers.

  • They consider writing a necessity:

Writing, as many view it, is what you do when you have your leisure, or what you can do when there is a need for it. Productive writers don’t see it as such. Their approach to writing is that which is unavoidably necessary. They write as if writing is their living pills.

  • They make writing a daily routine:

Creating a schedule for daily writing will not only make you a productive writer, but also an exceptional one in that field. Unlike other writers, who only write once in a while, or especially when they have a project to work on, productive writers have a plan to write inevitably each day. Even when they have no actual subject to write on, they create new ideas and develop it in writing.

  • They read more than they write:

The most terrible and lovely thing about being a productive writer is that they spend more time reading and studying than writing. Productive writers are of the opinion that, what your writing look like is proportional what you have studied and how well you have understood. They acquire knowledge and ideas through reading, and relate them to writing.

  • They are passionate about writing:

Productive writers understand the need for passion in their business; thus, develop a compelling enthusiasm for writing. They write very often and neither considers it boring nor time wasting, because of the strong emotional attachment they have for what they do.

  • They create time to write:

Everyone is engaged with different activities daily, no matter how busy a productive writer is, he/she will create time to write every day. They do not allow any other activity deprive them of the time to write and commit themselves to writing even it will cost them something.

  • They embrace Research:

Some writers and few non-writers often assume research to be a distraction from doing work. Some also term it to mean, duplicating other people’s work, and they thereby neglect it.

The renowned writer Robert Greene spends hundreds of hours researching books like Mastery and The 48 Laws of Power. Successful writers understand the significance of research. They spend adequate time finding answers to questions and then apply the answers in their own cognition to develop their writing.

  • They learn to work without Distraction:

Productive writers are aware of the dangerous impact of distraction, as it can disrupt ideas you have spent time storing in your head. They know quietness and being alone trigger deep thinking that enhances the creative process. Productive writers try to avoid distractions of any form when writing. They create spaces that are comfortable enough to write efficiently, and far from the reach of distraction. Another better approach to tackling distraction and maintaining a productive writing productive writers adopt is the use of text editors and writing apps, like Write! App, Writemonkey, Fargo etc. they enhance writing productivity and ensure distraction-free writing.

  • They take advantage of every idea:

Ideas are essential to writers. They are the foundations of every story and solutions to problems. While other writers ignore most ideas except the ones that meet their immediate needs, productive writers take advantage of every idea that comes their way, with the notion that, it will be useful later.

  • They are not money-focused:

Writing with the primary aim of making money may sometimes end up not yielding. But writing for the love of it without be money-centered will someday bring fortune. This is exactly what most productive writers do; they love to write because they find it fun and interesting, not because they want to turn rich overnight by writing.

  • They prioritize healthiness:

An unhealthy body cannot function properly. When the body is unhealthy, it affects the flow of ideas and presentation of them. Productive writers take good health as their priority, because they know it may successfully keep them away from doing what they love to do. Successful writers go to great lengths to keep themselves physically healthy so they have the strength to come up with new and better ideas.

  • They embrace failure and change:

Sometimes, it is not all what you write readers are interested in reading. You may write a book and do not get acknowledgment in return, readers may condemn what you have labored to produce. This is apparently a common thing in business. It fails and it succeeds. Great writers take advantage of every of their failure to learn. They find the reason for the failure and adjust in their future writing.

Being productive in writing requires commitment, dedication, diligence, discipline, passion, focus and tolerance.

Hi, I am David Jameson, a passionate freelance writer and an avid blogger. I like to help people become more successful and productive writers through my blog about writing on Medium.

My motto is “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect“.


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