10 Reasons Why Introverts Should Become Writers

Are you an introvert?

Yes? Then there are two of us.

Nobody knows better what it means to be unable to fit into the society than introverts. We’re too quiet, too withdrawn, too lost in our heads and too individualistic to be accepted by the extrovert majority.

Our friends and family find it hard to believe that we might in fact WANT to spend our free time alone, on a comfortable armchair, under a blanket, with a book in hand and hot tea on the table.

What’s wrong with that?

Don’t worry about what other people say! Do what makes you happy!

I know from experience that what gives an introvert sleepless nights is finding the ideal profession.

Thus, let me share with you my golden means to a happy and satisfactory life.

I don’t fit anywhere.

It’s difficult to find a perfect job. You’re right.

It’s easier for extroverts. Since they are outgoing, sociable, enthusiastic and attention-seeking, they feel great in professions where human interaction is a must.

For introverts, on the other hand, the choice of profession is tough to make.

Although you might find many jobs difficult to cope with, there are still those that are suitable for you!

One of them is writing.

Why should I become a writer?

If you’re wondering why you should become a writer, check the 10 ultimate reasons why this job is ideal for you.

Let’s begin!

  • No more recharging!

Isn’t working alone a dream come true? When you write, it’s just you, your laptop and a coffee on the table. Nothing else. No direct human contact needed.

  • Creativity appreciated!

Aren’t the creative tasks or hobbies those that you enjoy most? It’s been proven that introverts might be the most creative people, so why not to have a profession that will allow you to express that creativity?

  • Daydreaming allowed!

How much time do you spend in your head pondering about new ideas, rehearsing for possible future conversations or imagining yourself in various situations? You adore it, don’t you? But, you are also being scolded for it. What would you say if you could have an excuse for living inside of your head?

  • No more uncomfortable communication!

Isn’t it hard to give immediate feedback once you’re asked a complicated question? No wonder. Unlike extroverts, you need time to process information, so speaking off the cuff is difficult. Discussing issues, especially with a group of people, is also tough. Ask yourself, do you prefer oral or written communication?

  • Reading! Reading! Even more reading!

You love reading, don’t you? There isn’t a better evening than the one spent in bed with a new bestseller. As Stephen King teaches us, good writers read a lot. Doesn’t it mean you might be perfect for this job?

  • Boredom at bay!

What would you say for going to a party? Do you want to say, “spare me, please”? I know what you mean. Nothing makes introverts more exhausted and bored than such socializing. Writing, on the other hand, will keep you engaged all the time. Isn’t it fascinating to spend your time creating new worlds and characters, educating others by writing compelling posts or researching topics and writing down your opinions and findings?

  • Comfortable clothes allowed!

Do you like dressing down? It’s been observed that introverts prefer comfortable and practical clothes. Isn’t it great that once you’re a writer, you can dress the way you like? If you work from home you can even write in your pajamas!

  • Work in the right environment!

You easily get distracted by over-stimulating environments, don’t you? You need peace and quiet for good concentration (check the success guide for all introverts). Thus, working in such places as hospitals, restaurants or schools sounds uninviting. Wouldn’t it be easier to choose the place to work? Depending on the type of the writing job you have, you can either work in a quiet office or at home. Wouldn’t you like that?

  • Feel energized for social interaction!

Do you seek solitude? That’s because unlike extroverts, you gain energy by spending time alone. Imagine how energized you’ll be if you spend most of your day on such a solitary and fun activity as writing. It will prepare you for meeting your friends, family or the significant other. Will you not have more strength to spend time with people once you spend some time alone?

  • Recover through writing!

Do you suffer from depression? Since introverts are the most misunderstood people (deemed to be anti-social, unemotional or no fun), they tend to have a lot of social problems. Many find it difficult to make friends. Others feel they don’t belong anywhere. If you also have such problems, writing might help you recover! Won’t you give it a try?

As you can see, writing has a number of benefits for introverts, thus it makes a desirable profession. There is one problem, though.

Can I earn my living by writing?

Yes, you can!

Depending on your aspirations, talents and aptitudes, you don’t have to be a novel writer. If you want to have a job with a steady income, you might consider being a freelance writer, journalist or a blogger. There are many possibilities!

Need more reasons to start your writing career?


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