10 Golden Rules of Giving

It is not uncommon to see those who are very giving, caring and loving end up going through the greatest troubles in their relationships. They keep working hard to make their life turn around and life keeps getting harder for them. As they continue to put things together, life keeps falling apart. So much so, one even starts to wonder if there is any God, any justice in the play of Nature. That, if there is any truth to the philosophy of karma. After all, they are doing everything right yet they keep attracting all the wrong things and wrong people.

You know all about the law of attraction. You have tried to change, adopt, adapt, adjust, but the outcome has not changed. Sometimes you try hard, too hard to please the other person, to make your relationship work. And that is exactly where things can go wrong. It is not always about whether you have anything worthwhile to offer, of course you do, each one of us does. A lot of the times, it is about whether you are offering it to the right person. Imagine giving a diamond to a monkey. What’s he going to do? There is no way to communicate the value of the diamond to that monkey nor is there any method to make him appreciate it. If he can’t eat it, he is not interested.

Some people in your life can be like monkeys; offer them bananas instead. You need not offer your diamonds, save them for the elite, for the deserving, the worthy recipients. Sometimes giving it to the right person is all it takes to be appreciated. If you give your love to the one who absolutely wants it, your time to the one who cares about it, right reciprocation follows automatically. And reciprocation fills your cup up so to speak. It makes you feel complete.

I am not sure if you realize this, but you have a great deal to offer. Give it to the right person.

In this short video, made around the story of a girl, I introduce you to my ten golden rules of giving. You will enjoy it more with your headphones on.


Om Swami is a monk living in the Himalayan foothills. An advanced yogi, well versed in the science of mantra, sacred syllables, tantra, esoteric practices, and meditation, you can visit his blog onĀ omswami.com.


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